Exclusive: Apple testing new iMac and MacBook better for gaming

The news: Apple is testing two new Mac models that are better for gaming, according to Fudge (@choco_bit) who spoke with supply chain sources.

  • The new computers may stick with Radeon graphics or use an Apple-designed GPU
  • But, rather than competing with traditional gaming PCs, Apple’s new models would be more focused on expanding the Apple Arcade ecosystem
  • They could launch as early as late 2020, but may slip to 2021 or later
  • Economic Daily News (EDN) first reported Apple’s work on new eSports computers in December 2019

Our take: After speaking on background with a more credible source, it is possible the new “gaming” iMac will actually be the new iMac Pro expected to release later this year. EDN’s original report suggested “a unit price of up to US $ 5,000…” which is exactly what the current iMac Pro starts at. As for the “gaming” MacBook, it is unclear what device this would be.

If these “gaming” Macs ever come to market, I bet they’ll be branded as new versions of existing products that are simply much better at graphically intensive tasks, such as gaming.