Some iPhone 11/12 models are already showing aluminum discoloration

The news: The aluminum finish on iPhone 11 and 12 may not be all that durable, as first reported by Svetapple.

  • The issue, not currently widespread, seems to be affecting the aluminum edges of recent iPhone 11 and 12 models
  • From the images that have surfaced so far, it appears that (RED) iPhones could be disproportionately affected.

Our take: This doesn’t seem to be too pressing of an issue so far, but I’d certainly hope that Apple would provide replacements for devices exhibiting this in under two years. Perhaps in a few months we’ll see a replacement program…

Apple launches repair program for iPhone 11 models

The news: Just before the end of the day on Friday, Apple introduced a new display repair program for certain iPhone 11 models.

  • Apple says that some iPhone 11 models have been found to exhibit issues with the display module, which can cause them to be unresponsive to touch
  • Affected iPhone 11 units were manufactured between November 2019 and May 2020

Our take: When Apple says “that a small percentage of iPhone 11 displays” are affected, I always wonder what that percentage is that determines the launch of a repair program. Apple has a serial number checker tool on the replacement program page, so go see if you’re in the affected pool.