Apple Music with free Spatial and Lossless Audio upgrades announced

The news: A new version of Apple Music featuring Spatial Audio and Lossless Audio has been announced and is coming next month.

  • Spatial Audio features support for Dolby Atmos, allowing sound to come from all directions…even from above you
    • This will be available on select songs at launch, with more added regularly
  • Lossless Audio includes significantly more audio data and will be available for the entire catalog of 75 million songs at launch
  • The new version of Apple Music is launching sometime in June and requires iOS 14.6

Our take: Apple wasn’t joking when they said they would be changing music forever. Everything announced today doesn’t cost a cent more than the $9.99/month that everyone already pays. This is a huge blow to others like Spotify and Tidal that charge a premium for lossless music.