Source Leaderboard

May 23, 2022

Source Leaderboard

Top Apple Sources in 2022

1🐟 Ross Young92.9%
2πŸ€ Mark Gurman86.5%
3πŸ“‰ Trendforce84.5%
4🎧 52audio83.3%
5πŸ•˜ 9to5Mac82.8%
6❓ MacRumors72.7%
7πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ China Times72.7%
8πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Ming-Chi Kuo72.5%
9🧻 Jon Prosser69.1%
10🍍 Max Weinbach69%
11πŸ”’ DigiTimes61.4%
12🧭 Macotakara58.5%
13πŸ¦… Barclays55.6%
14πŸ–₯ Sonny Dickson54.5%
15πŸ“± Jeff Pu50%
16🌳 Wedbush Securities45.4%

Limited rumors

ℹ️ The Information100%
🌈 AppleTrack86.7%
πŸ’΅ Economic Daily News83.3%
πŸ—ž The Wall Street Journal75%
⚑️ The Elec71.4%
πŸš— MyDrivers61.1%
πŸ™ Fast Company40%

Hall of Fame (archived)

🧧 Kang97.1%
πŸͺ™ CoinX95.2%
πŸŒ™ L0vetodream88%
βŒ›οΈ Onleaks78.6%
🍫 Fudge74.2%
πŸ›  Dylandkt70.2%
βœ… The Verifier53.9%
βšͺ️ Mr. white50%
🎨 ConceptsiPhone25%