iPhone 14 Pro may get unbelievable camera and RAM upgrades

The rumor: Apple is planning to radically upgrade the wide camera and RAM on the 2022 Pro iPhones, according to Jeff Pu (53.3% accurate).

  • A new 48-megapixel (MP) wide lens may headline the new camera module…but similar 12MP telephoto and ultra-wide lenses will still be present
  • More RAM is also said to be coming, jumping to 8GB from the current 6GB inside iPhone 13 Pro

Our take: This isn’t the first we’ve ever heard about a 48MP camera, but it’s the first we’ve heard since April. I’m still skeptical because this would be a 4x jump in megapixels, but maybe? Perhaps this will enable 8K video? Regardless, this and the additional RAM sound like solid Pro upgrades (things that most folks don’t care about but buyers of $999 iPhones do).