All 2022 iPhones could get 120Hz-capable LTPO displays

The rumor: All 2022 iPhones will be getting low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) displays capable of varying refresh rates, according to The Elec (75% accurate, source).

  • A new supplier, potentially LG, will have a new production line capable of making LTPO displays ready for Apple’s lower-end 2022 iPhone models
  • Later this year, LTPO displays enabling a 120Hz refresh rate are coming to only the iPhones Pro

Our take: This sounds unlikely considering that 120Hz is the definition of a premium feature, but The Elec has a solid track record for these sorts of details. But I’m not convinced yet. For example, the Apple Watch Series 4 had an LTPO display, capable of always-on functionality, but Apple didn’t enable the future until a year later on Apple Watch Series 5.