iPhone SE 3 rumored to launch in Q1 2022

The rumor: Apple’s third-generation budget iPhone is scheduled to hit the market early next year, according to Trendforce (77.4% accurate).

  • According to the new report, “Apple is staying with the plan to release its third-generation iPhone SE in 1Q22 and four models under a new series in 2H22. The third-generation iPhone SE is expected to be a major instrument in helping Apple establish a presence in the market segment for mid-range 5G smartphones”
  • The iPhone SE 3 is expected to feature the same 4.7-inch design as the current version, but with a faster processor and 5G connectivity

Our take: I’ll be honest: I’m confused at how the iPhone SE 3 is going to work. Such a small and outdated design worked well 2 years ago in 2020, but I fail to see how Apple can put 5G in a smartphone that already has the worst battery life of the entire iPhone lineup. Some rumors suggested the new iPhone SE could have a 6.1-inch design, but apparently that isn’t happening until 2024…