Trendforce: 84.5% accurate

Jun 21, 2021

Trendforce: 84.5% accurate

According to their website, “TrendForce is an authoritative and dependable brand in industry research,” who occasionally has a scoop about upcoming, unreleased Apple products.

Rumor list


iPhone SE 3 launch in Q1 2022
2021 iPhones release in September
2021 iPhones get smaller notch
2021 iPhones get 120Hz on Pro
⛔️2021 iPhones get only 256GB on regular
⛔️2021 iPhones get only 512GB on Pro
2021 iPhones get sensor-shift stabilization
2021 iPhones get autofocus on Pro ultra-wide lens
2021 iPhones LiDAR only on Pro
2021 MacBook Pro have Mini-LED display in 14/16-inch sizes
2021 MacBook Pro coming in second half of year


2020 iPhones won’t have power adapter in box
2020 iPhones won’t have EarPods in box