Upcoming iMac Pro may include more powerful M1 Maxer chip

The rumor: Apple is planning a special variation of the M1 Max chip for the next iMac Pro, according to dylandkt (77.5% accurate).

  • In addition to the standard M1 Pro and M1 Max chips that Apple will place inside the redesigned 27-inch iMac, there may also be a more powerful 12-core CPU option available (only a 10-core CPU is available now)
  • Dylan notes that this chip will be intentionally “targeted towards pros”

Our take: Faster, Pro Apple Silicon this Spring sounds almost too good to be true…but Dylan’s track record for Apple Silicon leaks is simply unbeatable at this point. If this 12-core CPU option does ship this Spring, it will absolutely be the final straw for any remaining Apple Silicon holdouts. But what will they call it? Because they’re running out of superlatives. Introducing…M1 Maxer?


Leaker reveals Apple’s Spring event: this is what’s coming

The rumors: Apple will be dropping a trio of products at an event this Spring, according to dylandkt (77.5% accurate).

Get ready for new iPhones, iPads and Macs…

  • Redesigned Mac mini with M1 Pro or M1 Max chips inside
  • Third-generation iPhone SE with 5G
  • Updated iPad Air (other rumors have suggested Center Stage and a faster processor)

But there could be one more thing…

  • A redesigned, larger 27-inch iMac could also appear at the event, but “there are still concerns with regards to production”

Our take: While the new iPhone SE and iPad Air sounds like minor updates, I’m off-the-charts excited for the new Mac mini…and especially that large iMac. Fingers crossed it makes the cut for the March/April event.


2022 iPad 10 may feature A14 processor and 5G connectivity

The rumor: Apple is planning one more iteration of their most affordable iPad before redesigning the product in 2023, according to dylandkt (77.5% accurate).

Here are the leaked specs…

  • Same 10.2-inch design as current 9th-generation model
  • A14 processor
  • Bluetooth 5.0 & Wi-Fi 6
  • 5G connectivity
  • Lightning port

Our take: Pretty cool that Apple updates its most popular iPad every year. I’d love to see the same yearly updates, even if it’s just a new processor, for other Apple products, too (ex. Mac Pro, HomePod mini, iPad Air). We’ve actually heard about this lower-end iPad redesign before, but it looks like the new timeline is a revamp sometime next year.


Cheaper 14-inch MacBook Pro coming later in 2022 with M2 chip

The rumor: Apple is going to release a more affordable 14-inch MacBook Pro in the second half of 2022, according to dylandkt (77.5% accurate).

Our take: It sounds like there will be a slight market gap between the redesigned M2 MacBook Air ~$999 and M1 Pro MacBook Pro $1,799…so Apple will be introducing a lower-end 14-inch MacBook Pro for $1,399. I’m just shocked that it will have the same design and ports as the higher-end 14-inch model. This actually sounds like a pretty compelling machine.


This may be the iPhone 14’s all-new “notch”

The rumor: Apple’s smaller notch introduced on iPhone 13 may be short-lived, according to Dylandkt (77.5% accurate).

Our take: Pill shaped looks significantly better to me than a circular cutout, so I really hope this is the design that Apple settles on. That being said, we’re still a few months away from the iPhone 14 design being finalized so there’s time for things to change.


Redesigned ‘iMac Pro’ details: 120Hz Mini-LED display, HDMI port & $2000 starting price

The leak: Apple’s upcoming redesign for the larger 27-inch iMac is happening in the first half of 2022, according to Dylandkt (77.5% accurate).

Here are the details from the best Mac leaker in the game right now:

  • Similar look to new 24-inch iMac and Pro Display XDR
  • Internally being called “iMac Pro”
  • 27-inch 120Hz ProMotion Mini-LED display
  • Face ID in testing
  • Base model specs: 16GB RAM, 512GB storage
  • M1 Pro and M1 Max chips (additional configuration may be happening)
  • Dark bezels
  • HDMI port
  • SD card slot
  • USB-C
  • Ethernet port built into power brick
  • Starting price at or over $2000 USD
  • Release in the first half of 2022

Our take: Everything about the new, larger iMac redesign sounds exactly like what I’ve been asking for…I just wish the screen was getting larger than 27-inches. After using the Pro Display XDR for a week or two now, I’ve fallen in love with 32-inches of screen real estate and I would LOVE to see this on the next iMac.


M1X MacBook Pro: Final details leaked

The rumor(s): Trusted Mac leaker dylandkt (75% accurate) has shared what may be the final details for the upcoming 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros, set to be unveiled in just under a week.

New info

  • 120Hz prototype in testing, but unsure if it will appear on these new devices
  • Slimmer bezels with no “MacBook Pro” branding
  • Updated chargers (likely with MagSafe support)
  • Base M1X configuration is identical between both sizes, with 16GB RAM and 512GB storage
  • Similar pricing between both models
  • Multiple display support

Repeat info

  • 14 and 16-inch Mini-LED displays
  • 1080p webcam
  • Touch Bar will be removed
  • HDMI port, SD Card Slot and MagSafe returning

Our take: All in all: these new MacBook Pros sound incredible, and I haven’t been more excited for a new Apple product in years. I have yet to see or hear of a negative for these machines…


Future iPad Pro will have repositioned Apple logo & cameras

The rumor: Apple is planning to make landscape mode default on a future iPad Pro, according to dylandkt (75% accurate).

  • The Apple logo, camera module and even OS will be oriented for landscape usage first, rather than portrait orientation which has been standard since 2010…although Dylan notes that he is unsure whether or not this will make the cut for next year’s model
  • Apple is rumored to bring a glass design to the 2022 iPad Pro, along with reverse wireless charging

Our take: With the launch of the Magic Keyboard and recent iPadOS updates, this sounds solid to me. Many folks now use their iPad Pro models in landscape almost exclusively so reorienting the design to optimize for that is a better reflection of the times.


Both 14/16-inch MacBook Pros may have same M1X chip

The leak: Apple’s upcoming, revamped MacBook Pro models will have the same performance, according to dylandkt (81.3% accurate).

  • Both 14/16-inch MacBook Pro models will reportedly feature the M1X chip…with the exact same performance
  • But “expect a notable increase in price for the 14 inch over the 13 inch,” Dylan says

Our take: I was expecting the larger MacBook Pro to have better performance, as it has always been historically. If you can get the exact same config on the 14-inch as the 16-inch, then it’ll be tempting to opt for the smaller MacBook this time around…


Second rumor suggests AirPods 3 releasing in September alongside iPhone 13

The rumor: Apple will be unveiling a new version of AirPods alongside the 2021 iPhones, according to dylandkt (81.3% accurate).

Our take: I was skeptical about the first rumor, but Dylan seems to have release timeframes down pretty well for new products. Looks like we may be seeing AirPods 3 in just under 2 months…


‘iMac Pro’ with Apple Silicon may not launch until 2022

The rumor: Apple is not updating the 27-inch iMac to Apple Silicon until sometime next year, according to dylandkt (81.3% accurate).

  • The larger iMac delay reportedly comes because Apple doesn’t want the 2021 M1X products to complete for attention and due to other delays in product releases
  • Apple’s next ‘iMac Pro’ could have a screen larger than 30 inches and an M1X or M2 chip inside

Our take: While this is super disappointing as someone who was planning to use this larger iMac as my main computer, at least we are getting some M1X devices later this year. A redesigned iMac, Mac mini and MacBook Pro launching at once would definitely be a lot, and Dylan definitely makes a good point in his tweet below.