Upcoming iMac Pro may include more powerful M1 Maxer chip

The rumor: Apple is planning a special variation of the M1 Max chip for the next iMac Pro, according to dylandkt (77.5% accurate).

  • In addition to the standard M1 Pro and M1 Max chips that Apple will place inside the redesigned 27-inch iMac, there may also be a more powerful 12-core CPU option available (only a 10-core CPU is available now)
  • Dylan notes that this chip will be intentionally “targeted towards pros”

Our take: Faster, Pro Apple Silicon this Spring sounds almost too good to be true…but Dylan’s track record for Apple Silicon leaks is simply unbeatable at this point. If this 12-core CPU option does ship this Spring, it will absolutely be the final straw for any remaining Apple Silicon holdouts. But what will they call it? Because they’re running out of superlatives. Introducing…M1 Maxer?