dylandkt: 77.5% accurate

40 rumors

A mysterious Twitter account with a remarkably accurate track record for Mac and Apple Silicon details, dylandkt shares Apple mostly reliable tidbits each month.

Rumor accuracy

Rumor list



New MacBook Pro models, link

  • Both 14/16-inch MacBook Pro models will have same M1X chip
  • “Expect a notable increase in price for the 14 inch over the 13 inch”


  • New AirPods will launch alongside new iPhones, link
  • LiDAR exclusive to 2021 Pro iPhones, link

Redesigned larger iMac, link

  • Better chip than M1X
  • Coming in 2022

New MacBook Air, link

  • New colors
  • M2 chip inside
  • Launching in first half of 2022


  • New 14/16-inch MacBook Pro models coming in October/November 2021, link


  • A15 chip in iPhone 13 will be “comparable to the M1 performance wise,” link


  • New iMac coming at April event will have M1, link
    • Multiple colors
  • M1X coming later in 2021


  • macOS 12 will feature better support for iPad and iPhone apps on Apple Silicon, link


  • New Mac mini coming in 2021 with new M-series chip, link
  • Next M-series chip will be called “M1X,” link


Next Macs

  • Redesigned iMac is similar to Pro Display XDR, link
    • Flat edges
    • New stand
    • Thicker bezels
  • Face ID coming to Mac in 2022, link
  • Redesigned MacBook Pro models will see bezel logo removed, link
  • Upcoming Apple Silicon Macs will feature Apple-designed GPU, link

macOS 12

  • Shortcuts app replacing Automator, link
  • Some pre-installed apps moved to App Store similar to iOS, link

iPadOS 15

  • Improved external display support, link
  • Keyboard and mouse support for games
  • Shown at WWDC 2021

2022 iPhone SE

  • iPhone 11-like design with smaller display, link
  • Touch ID in power button
  • Future Macs getting ProMotion in 2022, link

New MacBook Air

  • Coming in 2022
  • 1080p webcam

AirPods, link

  • AirPods 3 coming in 2021
    • Different tip sizes
    • Wireless charging case standard
  • AirPods Pro 2 coming in 2021
    • Different tip sizes
    • Wireless charging case standard

iPhone 13

  • All models getting the following:
    • 128GB storage, link
    • 6GB RAM
    • LiDAR sensor, link
  • Pro models getting ProMotion display
  • September release
  • “A15 will be a game changer”
  • USB-C to Lightning cable may be removed from box, link



2021 Mac lineup, link

  • Redesigned 14-inch MacBook Pro
  • Redesigned 16-inch MacBook Pro
    • Both new MacBook Pros will have same processor
  • Redesigned entry level iMac
  • Redesigned high-end iMac
  • All new Macs getting 1080p webcam
  • Final Cut Pro and Logic coming to iPad Pro, link
    • Coming at WWDC 2021


Future iPhone models

  • Apple working to remove Lighting connector, link
  • Apple also trying to remove SIM try in favor of eSIM, link

MacBook Pro

  • Redesigned MacBook Pro coming in Q4 2021, link
    • 4 Thunderbolt ports

iPad Pro

  • New 11 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models will have M1 inside, link
    • Launch in Q1/Q2 2021
    • Worse performance than other M1 devices, link
  • No OLED iPad Pro is coming in 2021, link