Video shows new iPad mini jelly-scrolling display issue

The news: Apple’s iPad mini, just updated with an all-screen design, new chassis and fresh colors, also suffers from a strange display issue known as jelly scrolling (via Dieter Bohn).

  • Jelly scrolling, which is usually observed on cheaper displays, produces an effect where one portion of the display updates faster than the other, creating a gelatinous effect while scrolling
  • It is unclear at this time whether this is a hardware or software issue, or if a fix is possible

Our take: The minute I looked at my iPad mini display, something felt off to me: this is why. I can’t remember ever noticing jelly-scrolling on another Apple product before, and I’m seriously hoping that it can be fixed via software. I can’t recommend the product if this is intended functionality. I’ve reached out to Apple for comment and will update if I receive a response.