Apple says iPad mini jelly-scroll is ‘normal behavior’

The news: Apple has confirmed that there is no hardware or software issue with the display on the newest iPad mini.

  • Here’s what Apple told Ars Technica: “The “jelly scroll” issue on the 6th-generation iPad mini is normal behavior for LCD screens. Because these screens do refresh line by line, there is a tiny delay between when the lines at the top of the screen and lines at the bottom are refreshed. This can cause uneven scrolling issues like the ones observed on the iPad…the upshot is that the company doesn’t believe there is a hardware or software issue to “fix,” and that the screen apparently is the way it is”
  • Apple’s new iPad mini was just released on September 24 after being unveiled earlier this month at the ‘California Streaming’ special event

Our take: This is incredibly disappointing news. While it’s something most people will never notice, I can see it with the naked eye quite frequently on my iPad mini. And as Ars Technica also pointed out, while jelly-scroll is noticeable on many LCD displays, it appears to be more noticeable than usual on the new mini. Purchasing this device, know that this is expected functionality from Apple’s perspective and cannot be adjusted.

Video shows new iPad mini jelly-scrolling display issue

The news: Apple’s iPad mini, just updated with an all-screen design, new chassis and fresh colors, also suffers from a strange display issue known as jelly scrolling (via Dieter Bohn).

  • Jelly scrolling, which is usually observed on cheaper displays, produces an effect where one portion of the display updates faster than the other, creating a gelatinous effect while scrolling
  • It is unclear at this time whether this is a hardware or software issue, or if a fix is possible

Our take: The minute I looked at my iPad mini display, something felt off to me: this is why. I can’t remember ever noticing jelly-scrolling on another Apple product before, and I’m seriously hoping that it can be fixed via software. I can’t recommend the product if this is intended functionality. I’ve reached out to Apple for comment and will update if I receive a response.

Some M1 iMac owners are receiving units with crooked displays

The news: A number of iMac owners have been praising the new desktop…but a few have noticed a strange issue where the monitor isn’t as level as it should be.

  • As noted first by YouTuber iPhonedo, his brand new M1 iMac was not mounted properly onto its stand and sits slightly crooked
  • Other users have also reported the issue, but it doesn’t appear to be widespread

Our take: This is…wack. Obviously, the thumbnail below is a bit exaggerated, but as can be seen in the header image: yeah, that iMac is crooked. I hope Apple will be replacing these defective units as this is pretty obviously bad.

Some iPhone 11/12 models are already showing aluminum discoloration

The news: The aluminum finish on iPhone 11 and 12 may not be all that durable, as first reported by Svetapple.

  • The issue, not currently widespread, seems to be affecting the aluminum edges of recent iPhone 11 and 12 models
  • From the images that have surfaced so far, it appears that (RED) iPhones could be disproportionately affected.

Our take: This doesn’t seem to be too pressing of an issue so far, but I’d certainly hope that Apple would provide replacements for devices exhibiting this in under two years. Perhaps in a few months we’ll see a replacement program…

iPhone 12 owners report display, SMS & touch issues

The news: While most iPhone 12 users are loving their new mini to max devices, some are reporting issues with strange tinting on the display, missed SMS messages and even when using screen protectors.

  • Gray/green tinting on the display: As spotted by MacRumors, some users are noticing their OLED displays exhibiting characteristics similar to LCD, with an off-putting gray/green tint rather than true black. Apple is currently investigating the issue.
  • Weak touch input on iPhone 12 mini: When using iPhone 12 mini inside a case and screen protector, the device may not be responding to touch as expected, as noted by AppleInsider. Some users say switching screen protectors does not fix the issue, but removing the screen protector entirely does.
  • And lots of intermittent issues with texts: MacRumors says some folks “aren’t seeing SMS messages from friends, are missing text messages in group chats, and…aren’t getting notifications when text messages are incoming.” Some Verizon users were able to fix the issue by installing Message+.

Our take: The only issue I’ve experienced is intermittent notifications for new messages…which is more annoying and makes me look like a bad person because I don’t reply than anything else. Let us know if you have seen any of this!