More evidence suggests 120Hz display coming to iPhone 12

The news: Apple will likely include 120Hz ProMotion displays on the highest end iPhones later this year, according to a setting included in iOS 14 beta 1 and Ice Universe.

  • On iPhone 11 Pro Max, iOS 14 beta 1 includes a new accessibility toggle known as “Limit Frame Rate”
    • This toggle is currently present on iPad Pros with ProMotion
  • Unrated Twitter leaker Ice universe has also heard 120Hz is coming from “a reliable source”

Our take: Over a year ago, Ice universe was the first source to put a rumor out about 120Hz on the new iPhones this year, and it appears he was right from the start. And the fact that Apple is testing a version of iOS 14 with a “limit frame rate” setting on iPhone is a really good sign!