Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack just got a whole lot better

The news: Apple just made a significant improvement to the MagSafe Battery Pack through a software update, as first noticed by 9to5Mac (82.8% accurate).

  • While previously capped at a grueling 5W charging rate while attached to your iPhone, a newly released software update (version 2.7.b.0) increases the speed to a quicker 7.5W…making it more comparable to 3rd-party alternatives
  • Wondering how to update? It’ll happen automatically over the course of a week by just attaching the battery pack to your iPhone…but for a faster firmware upgrade (about 5 minutes) just plug it into your Mac or iPad with a Lightning to USB cable

Sam’s take: This is insanely cool. Will it make me use my MagSafe battery pack more? Probably not. But if I ever do need to boost my battery, it’ll now charge up moderately faster! And it’s comparable to the other packs on the market.