Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack just got a whole lot better

The news: Apple just made a significant improvement to the MagSafe Battery Pack through a software update, as first noticed by 9to5Mac (82.8% accurate).

  • While previously capped at a grueling 5W charging rate while attached to your iPhone, a newly released software update (version 2.7.b.0) increases the speed to a quicker 7.5W…making it more comparable to 3rd-party alternatives
  • Wondering how to update? It’ll happen automatically over the course of a week by just attaching the battery pack to your iPhone…but for a faster firmware upgrade (about 5 minutes) just plug it into your Mac or iPad with a Lightning to USB cable

Sam’s take: This is insanely cool. Will it make me use my MagSafe battery pack more? Probably not. But if I ever do need to boost my battery, it’ll now charge up moderately faster! And it’s comparable to the other packs on the market.

New photo claims to show upcoming Spring 2022 iPhone 13 cases

The leak: Apple is preparing to release 4 new iPhone 13 cases, according to a new photo shared by Twitter account Majin Bu.

  • New yellow, orange, blue and turquoise MagSafe cases for iPhone 13 seem to be next up for Apple to release as soon as this Spring
  • Bu, who has been wrong on other leaks before, has shared credible information in regards to new iPhone case colors in the past

Sam’s take: I’ve been going caseless on my iPhone for years now (I know, high-risk move), so these don’t appeal to me at all. But if I had to choose one to rock, it would be the new turquoise color.

MagSafe Battery Pack first look shows it’s real thick & can charge AirPods

The photos: A first hands-on look at Apple’s new MagSafe Battery Pack shows what it really looks like, as first shared by Steven Russell.

  • The thickness appears quite a bit more significant than Apple showed in their photos…which were creatively framed
  • It also appears that you can wireless charge AirPods using the MagSafe Battery Pack

Our take: This is thicc. Quite a bit more than was shown in the initial photos. But the fact that it can wirelessly charger AirPods is cool as hell and I can’t wait for mine to come in tomorrow.

Apple releases all-new MagSafe Battery Pack for $99

The news: Apple just released a new MagSafe-enabled battery pack that attaches directly to the backs of iPhone 12 models.

  • Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack features a total of 2920mAh of juice inside and requires iOS 14.7, which should be launching soon, to work properly
  • The product is available in white only for $99 on

Our take: This is a wonderful idea and is an instant-cop for me. These are the type of wildly cool MagSafe accessories that I want to see!

Update: As noted by Andru Edwards, there are actually two 1460mAh batteries inside the pack, not just one as we previously reported.

First look at Apple’s rumored MagSafe Smart Battery pack

The leak: The first renders of Apple’s rumored MagSafe battery accessory have been shared by Jon Prosser (78.2% accurate).

  • The battery pack will be made primarily of aluminum, with a high-quality plastic finish (similar to Magic Mouse)
  • Prosser reiterates that, due to overheating issues caused by reverse wireless charging functionality, the product could ultimately be scrapped

Our take: Personally, I’d be more interested in the lower-end silicon version that has also been rumored. But having reverse wireless charging on iPhone would be great.

Apple MagSafe smart battery pack may be coming soon

The leak: New code in iOS 14.5. beta 2 reveals Apple could be releasing an exciting new MagSafe accessory soon, as spotted by Steve Moser.

  • A new “Mobile Charge Mode” has been added in iOS 14.5 beta 2 that keeps iPhone charged to 90% when this unreleased MagSafe accessory is attached
  • It is possible this future product could also be an updated version of Apple’s Smart Battery Case with MagSafe support

Our take: Apple has released a Smart Battery Case for the past two years, so it’s reasonable to assume that they will do the same this year. But with MagSafe on iPhone 12, I definitely seem them going the pack route over a proper case.

iPhone 13 may get always-on display, stronger MagSafe & Portrait Mode for video

The rumor: Apple is planning a number of notable upgrades for the iPhone 13 series, according to Max Weinbach (67.1% accurate, via EAP).

  • 3 impressive camera upgrades: new astrophotography mode, upgraded higher-quality ultra-wide lens and Portrait Mode for video(!)
  • Always-on display: the clock, battery level and minimalistic notifications are said to be shown at all times
  • Stronger MagSafe magnets will be placed in the chassis to improve the attraction of accessories

Our take: An always-on display would be so incredibly nice to finally see on iPhone! And as a huge fan of MagSafe, stronger magnets on the 2021 iPhones would make some accessories like the wallet attach more securely. I’m still highly skeptical about Portrait Mode for video coming this year, though.

Apple may release ‘2 or 3 new chargers in 2021’

The rumor: Apple is planning to expand their lineup of charging products in 2021, according to Ming-Chi Kuo (78% accurate).

  • Without further detail, Kuo says Apple will likely release ‘2 or 3 new chargers’ sometime next year
  • Kuo was one of the first to reveal that Apple was working on new, non-AirPower charging products for 2020

Our take: Have a feeling these will have some MagSafe slant to them, although it’s impressive the number of products out already that use Apple’s 20W power brick (e.g. iPhone 12, HomePod mini, MagSafe & MagSafe Duo).

MagSafe Duo and Leather Sleeve accessories weren’t given a release date

The news: While ship dates for most of Apple’s newly-announced products have been highly publicized, two of the most interesting new accessories weren’t given the same treatment.

  • Apple says “MagSafe Duo Charger and Leather Sleeve will be available at a later date.”
  • The new accessories are optimized for the all-new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

Our take: This is a bit sus, and I immediately thought about AirPower after reading the ‘later date’ copy. There’s not indication (yet) that this will be another canceled product scenario, but I do find it odd that is doesn’t even say ‘by the end of the year.’ Time’s ticking.

‘AirPower’ returning at October event as new MagSafe chargers

The leak: Apple is set to bring back the MagSafe brand at their October event happening next week, according to Kang 康总 (97.8% accurate).

  • After canceling AirPower, Apple’s will be unveiling to new wireless chargers: MagSafe and MagSafe Duo
  • The first charger will hold one device and the other will be capable of holding two
  • Both wireless chargers will likely be able to output at 15W, which the new iPhones support

Our take: Kang 康总 has nailed almost every detail of the past few Apple events down to the tee. I would consider these details confirmed.