Apple said to be holding January 2023 event for AR/VR headset unveil

The rumor: We are just half a year away from seeing Apple’s next major product unveil, according to Ming-Chi Kuo (72.5% accurate).

Sam’s take: Honestly, this sounds like a pretty realistic timeline at this point. As much as I want to see it announced this year…a standalone media event for something this big does sound appropriate. That being said…the Apple Watch was announced at the end of an iPhone event in 2014…so perhaps we see a glimpse of this headset sometime this September?

New WWDC 2022 tidbits surface ahead of event next week

The rumors: A number of interesting notes about WWDC and Apple’s upcoming headset have been shared in a new report from The New York Times (not yet tracked).

Here are the most interesting tidbits…

  • The AR/VR headset is real and coming…just not until sometime next year
  • Apple is working with Hollywood directors like Jon Favreau to create custom video content for the headset
  • At the event on Monday, Apple will “unveil software tools that would allow apps to add new camera and voice functionality, laying the groundwork for a hands-free interface that customers will eventually be able to navigate on the headset”
  • The report echoes that software will be the focus of WWDC this year, but a new MacBook Air with “slimmer borders” is also possible
  • Apple’s headset has been delayed until 2023 because of initial, weak computing power followed more recent issues with battery life
  • There’s also a new devkit coming on Monday that will give “software developers new abilities to trigger shortcuts inside their apps using Siri and QR codes, interactions that will be leveraged in future headsets”

Sam’s take: This entire report reads to me as Apple wanting to set expectations that their headset will not be shown off at WWDC on June 6. Some interesting tidbits, sure, but largely just a corroboration of what we’ve been hearing from other sources. Hardware-wise, it looks like we might only see a new MacBook Air on Monday…

Apple exec teases filming at Apple Park ahead of WWDC 2022

The news: Apple may be in the process of filming their next event, according to a new Instagram story post from Steven Huon, Apple’s Head of Music Programming, Brand Experience & Events.

Sam’s take: With WWDC 2022 less than a month away now, I’d take a bet that filming is done and that this is exactly what the post is saying. Not that this tells us anything we couldn’t have guessed already…but cool to see a peek inside Apple Park ahead of the next event.

WWDC 2022 is one month away, this is the hardware and software that’s coming

The news: With just under a month to go until WWDC 2022 kicks off, here are all the leaks and rumors so far.

New software

  • Without a doubt, software will be the focus of WWDC (it is a software developer event, after all)
  • iOS/iPadOS 16, macOS 13, watchOS 9 and tvOS 16 are all expected…but this event could be the first time we see homeOS materialize

iOS/iPadOS 16

We haven’t heard much about Apple’s mobile updates so far, but there will be some “significant enhancements”:

  • There won’t be a redesign, and the software will look similar to how it does now
  • Notifications are getting a revamp, but there’s no word of which direction Apple is taking them in
  • iPadOS is getting a revamped multitasking interface
  • Car crash detection will automatically dial 911 if an accident happens
  • An updated Health app will feature feature better sleep tracking, new features for women’s health and medicine management with pill reminders

watchOS 9

We’ve gotten a few tidbits at watchOS 9, but it sounds like the update will once again be pretty small:

  • On Series 4 or newer, improved atrial fibrillation detection is coming “to calculate what is known as ‘burden,’ or how often a person is in a state of atrial fibrillation across a certain period”
  • New low-power mode that allows you to still use parts of the watch while extending battery life…there is a power-reserve mode currently, but it only shows the time
  • “Many” existing watch faces will be updated (but no additional details are provided)
  • More pre-selectable workouts and “additional metrics” are also in the works
  • Down the road, watchOS will also support satellite connectivity like on iPhone 14, but we don’t know exactly when


While WWDC is usually a software-only event, some sources believe new Macs could be announced very soon:

  • A redesigned, colorful MacBook Air with M2 inside is the most likely to come
  • But an all-new Mac mini has also been in the works for quite some time…and that could boast an M2 chip, too
  • Apple could also preview the new Mac Pro (but we’re not entirely sure on that just yet)

Sam’s take: I don’t really know how to feel about dub dub yet. I think it could be great! But I also worry that it could be just as underwhelming as last year, where we saw no hardware and the smallest software updates in history.

Apple may announce 2 new Macs on June 6 at WWDC

The rumor: Apple is planning to drop new Macs within in the next couple of months, according to Mark Gurman (86.4% accurate, via Power On).

Sam’s take: With all of the hardware that Apple is said to be dropping this year, they’ll surely spread it out and not save all of it for the Fall, right? WWDC seems like a great time to launch some new Macs, especially if some folks are being offered the opportunity to attend in-person.

Apple announces all-online WWDC 2022 on June 6, iOS 16 expected

The news: Apple has officially announced their next special event of the year that is taking place on June 6, 2022.

  • Apple’s worldwide developer conference, also known as WWDC, is traditionally focused on revealing the latest in software: new iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS and more are expected
  • While the event goes all week long (June 6-10) with countless sessions for developers to virtually attend, the highlight of the event is always keynote that happens at 10am PST on the first day
  • “In addition to the online conference, Apple will host a special day for developers and students at Apple Park on June 6 to watch the keynote and State of the Union videos together, along with the online community. Space will be limited, and details about how to apply to attend will be provided on the Apple Developer site and app soon” Apple says

Sam’s take: After wondering what was up yesterday…here you have it! WWDC keynote on June 6…but the same all-online format as last year. I wrote from the start that I didn’t believe we were ready for an in-person event with 5-6,000 people, and it looks like Apple feels the same way. Can’t wait to see what they’ve been cooking up in Cupertino!

Apple WWDC 2022 announcement still missing in split from recent years

The (lack of) news: Days into April, Apple has still not confirmed when their major developer conference is happening this year.

Sam’s take: Back in the early 2010s, Apple regularly announced WWDC in mid- to late-April…but it does seem odd that they still haven’t said a word about the event this year. If the event is, again, virtual…obviously no one needs that much notice since no travel is involved. But I would think an announcement would have happened by now if some folks will be traveling for the event.

WWDC 2022 rumored to take place on June 6 (and it’ll be in-person)

The rumor: Apple’s yearly worldwide developer conference will return to a destination event, according to Jon Prosser (69% accurate).

Sam’s take: I’m almost certain that this is the right date (Apple always holds WWDC in the first or second week of June). But I am skeptical that it’ll be in-person. Sure, COVID-19 cases are steadily decreasing now. But isn’t it possible that another, even more transmissible variant could appear by June? I have no doubt that Apple will take the utmost precaution to keep everyone safe if WWDC 2022 is in-person…but it seems like there’s still a lot of risk in returning to large gatherings right now. I would be comfortable attending, but I can also understand that a lot of folks would not feel the same way.

Apple unveils all-new Mac Studio desktop and monitor

The news: Apple just dropped a new Mac called Mac Studio and a new monitor and they’re out-of-this-world cool.

Mac Studio

  • Radical design in all new form factor
  • M1 Max and M1 Ultra chips are available
  • 6 USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports
  • SD card slot
  • 2 USB-A ports
  • HDMI port
  • High-impedance headphone jack
  • Available for order today and ships on March 18
  • M1 Max starts at $1999
  • M1 Ultra starts at $3999

Mac Studio Display

  • 27-inch 5K Retina display
  • Optional Nano Texture display
  • 500 nits brightness
  • P3 wide color
  • A13 Bionic chip inside
  • Included 12MP ultra-wide camera with Center Stage
  • 3 mic array
  • 6 speaker sound system
  • Included stand that tits put to 30 degrees
  • Optional XDR stand
  • Available for order today and ships on March 18
  • $1599

New iPad Air just announced at $599 with M1 chip, 5G connectivity and faster USB-C

The news: Apple just updated the iPad Air at their March 8 event.

  • Apple now includes the powerful M1 chip inside…the same one found in iPad Pro
  • There are new colors, including purple
  • New 12MP ultra-wide camera that supports Center Stage
  • There’s an optional 5G model now
  • USB-C port is 2x faster
  • Space Gray, Starlight, Pink, Purple and Blue
  • 64/256GB configurations
  • You can pre-order this Friday, with availability on March 18
  • It starts at $599