New HomePod said to release as soon as Q4 2022

The rumor: Apple is planning to drop “a new version of HomePod in 4Q22-1Q23,” according to Ming-Chi Kuo (72.5% accurate).

  • Kuo doesn’t clarify whether he is talking about a new HomePod mini…or if Apple is planning to bring back the original HomePod that was discontinued in 2021
  • Either way, the new version won’t look much different, as Apple isn’t rumored to be changing much of the hardware design
  • We could see this new HomePod as soon as October…but also as late as March 2023

Sam’s take: The fact the the HomePod mini isn’t specifically mentioned here is really interesting to me, as I feel Kuo would’ve clarified that he was referring to a new version of the mini if that’s what we were getting. It almost sounds like Apple could be resurrecting the original HomePod in some way? But this is just my speculation, to be clear. Perhaps it’s that Apple TV x HomePod combo device we’ve been hearing about…