Apple Studio Display ‘Pro’ delayed until October due to production issues

The rumor: Apple’s rumored Mini-LED Studio Display won’t be releasing this Summer after all, according to Ross Young (92.9% accurate).

  • A new 27-inch Mini-LED Apple monitor with 120Hz ProMotion is now said to be releasing in October 2022…initially we thought it was coming in June
  • Lockdowns in China due to COVID-19 have reportedly contributed to the delays, and Apple is looking to move production elsewhere to mitigate
  • It’s still somewhat unclear what exactly this monitor will be called, but it essentially sounds like a ‘Pro’ version of Apple’s existing Studio Display

Sam’s take: If this leak was from anyone else other than Young, I would have some major doubts. And even now I still do! Because Apple offering 2 slightly different 27-inch displays is extremely confusing to me. Basically, I’m just hoping that there’s a new 32-inch Pro Display XDR in development with these same specs, and it won’t be replaced with this smaller 27-inch monitor…