Apple AirTags: Every rumor and leak

Everything we know so far about Apple’s upcoming Tile-like tracking accessory, excited later this year:

100% confirmed

  • They’ll be called AirTags (Apple actually leaked this one themselves)

More than 80% likely

  • Small and round
  • Leather keychain carrying case included, link
  • Able to be set up in bulk
  • Replaceable/removable battery
  • Locate via augmented reality
  • Play sound to be located, link
  • Push notifications when separated from tag (with the ability to set “safe locations”)
  • “Lost mode” for finding lost tags, link
  • Coming at WWDC 2020, link

Around 60% likely

  • “Completely waterproof”
  • Magnetic charging for non-replaceable battery
  • Coming in Fall 2020, link

Less than 50% likely

  • Scan tags to return them to owner, link