Jon Prosser: 69.1% accurate

149 rumors

Reporting on leaks for years on his YouTube channel, Front Page Tech, Jon Prosser only became a source in 2020 and made a name for himself by sharing the iPhone SE (2020) release date before anyone else.

Rumor list


Moon Gray, Ocean Blue and Sunset Pink coming to Beats Studio Buds soon
⛔️WWDC 2022 will be live
WWDC 2022 will be in-person
WWDC 2022 happening on June 6
⛔️iPhone SE 3 first look


2022 MacBook Air will have a white notch
MacBook Pro embargo ends on October 25 at 9am ET
AirPods 3 embargo ends October 25 at 12pm ET
⛔️HomePod mini colors embargo ends October 25 at 12pm ET
iPhone 13 embargo ends on September 21 at 9am EST
2021 iPad mini embargo ends on September 22 at 9am EST
2022 iPhone first look (iPhone 4 design)
2022 iPhones won’t have a notch
2022 iPhones will have punch hole camera
⛔️New Face ID layout on iPhone 13 will work better with foggy glasses and masks
Beats Studio Buds announcement on June 4, 2021
Beats Studio Buds come in red, black and white
Beats Studio Buds cost $149
Beats Studio Buds release in US on June 25, 2021
2021 iPad mini first look
⛔️2021 iPad mini has dimensions of 206.3x 137.8 x 6.1mm
2021 iPad mini won’t have a home button
2021 iPad mini will have power button Touch ID
2021 iPad mini will have better speakers
2021 iPad mini will have USB-C
⛔️2021 iPad mini will have smaller Apple Pencil
2021 iPhones have updated camera modules
2021 iPhones have slightly thicker bodies
2021 iPhones have smaller notch
2021 iPhones have LiDAR only on Pro
New Mac mini will have plexiglass top
New Mac mini will have 4 USB-C ports, 2 USB-A ports, ethernet and HDMI
New Mac mini will have rubber strips on bottom
⛔️2021 MacBook Pro coming at WWDC
⛔️Apple Watch Series 7 has flat-edge design
Apple Watch Series 7 has new green color
⛔️Apple Watch Series 7 has huge new speaker grills
⛔️Magnetic keychain accessory coming for AirTag
Future AirPods will get lossless audio without Bluetooth
2021 iMac embargo lifts on May 18
2021 iPad Pro embargo lifts on May 19
2022 MacBook Air has new colors including blue and green
2022 MacBook Air has super flat design (not tapered)
2022 MacBook Air has white bezels
2022 MacBook Air has larger keyboard function row
2022 MacBook Air has rubber bars in place of feet
2021 iPad Pro releasing April 21
2021 Apple TV coming April 21
Apple Stores preparing for product launch at the end of next week
Next Apple event will be in April 2021
⛔️New AirPods ready to ship in March 2021
New Apple TV ready to ship in March 2021
New iMac ready to ship in March 2021
MagSafe battery pack first look
⛔️Apple March event happening on March 23, 2021
⛔️New M1 chip leaked benchmarks are authentic
AirPods 3 leaked images are authentic
New Magic Keyboard coming soon
2021 iMac will come in colors
Foldable iPhone will have flip design
Foldable iPhone will come in vibrant colors
2021 Pro iPhones will have 1TB storage
AirTags 360-degree video look
AirTags coming in Spring 2021
⛔️New iPad Pro coming in March 2021


New AirPods will have Max branding
Apple TV update happening in 2021
⛔️Third Apple event taking place on November 17, 2020
⛔️Third Apple event announced on November 10, 2020
First Apple Silicon Mac coming at this November event
iOS 14.3 (beta) coming in November 2020
⛔️AirTags coming in November 2020
Over-ear headphones had key features cut
Over-ear headphones will ship in December 2020
2020 iPhone pricing
iPhone 12 mini & Pro Max available November 13
iPhone 12 & 12 Pro available October 23
iPhone 12 Pro features slide
2020 iPad Air pre-orders on October 16
2020 iPad Air ships on October 23
Over-ear headphones not coming at October 13, 2020 event
⛔️Over-ear headphones will cost $599
⛔️Over-ear headphones coming in March 2021
⛔️2020 iPad Air launch date will be announced on October 13
Apple planning third event in November 2020
Apple October 13 event announced on October 6, 2020
“iPhone 12 mini” is 5.4-inch name
2020 iPhone event on October 13
Apple over-ear headphones first look
⛔️Apple over-ear headphones have leather/metal design
Apple over-ear headphones have magnetic ear cups
⛔️Apple over-ear headphones are reversible
⛔️Apple over-ear headphones have USB-C port
Apple Watch SE has Series 4 design
Apple Watch SE doesn’t have always-on display
Apple Watch SE doesn’t have ECG
Apple Watch SE will cost $279
iPad Air 4 coming at Apple September 15, 2020 event
iPad 8 coming at Apple September 15, 2020 event
Apple Watch SE coming at Apple September 15, 2020 event
Apple Watch Series 6 coming at Apple September 15, 2020 event
⛔️AirTags coming at Apple September 15, 2020 event
AirTags first look
⛔️Apple adding U1 chip to lots of future products
2020 iPhones won’t have 120Hz
⛔️Apple press release happening September 8
⛔️Press release coming 6am PST
Apple doing something on their website on September 8, 2020
Apple’s something will happen between 9-12am EST
2020 iPhones LiDAR sensor helps with autofocus and subject detect
⛔️2020 iPhones have 4K120p video
⛔️2020 iPhones have 4K240p slow-mo
2020 iPhones have enhanced night mode + exposure times
2020 iPhones have advanced noise reduction
2020 iPhones have bit depth video
2020 iPhones have zoom enhancements
2020 iPhones have same notch
2020 iPhones have “noticeably thinner” bezels
⛔️2020 iPhones have wider-angle Face ID (scan flat on table)
⛔️2020 iPhones have slightly curved display glass
2020 iPhone Pro Max has 10% larger camera module
Foldable iPhone has fabric hinge
Foldable iPhone has 2 separate displays that combine seamlessly
Foldable iPhone has stainless steel sides
Foldable iPhone display has no notch but Face ID
⛔️New iPad released through press release
⛔️New iPad released week of September 7, 2020
⛔️Apple Watch Series 6 released through press release
⛔️Apple Watch Series 6 coming week of September 7, 2020
2020 iPhone event week of October 12
2020 iPhone pre-orders week of October 12
2020 iPhone shipping week of October 19
2020 iPhone Pro shipping in November
2020 iMac launching August 4, 2020
2020 iMac will just be a spec bump
2020 iMac releasing at 10am PST
2020 iPhones coming at October 2020 event
2020 iMac coming in August
2020 iMac won’t have redesign
WWDC 2020 no new hardware
⛔️iOS will be called “iPhoneOS” again
2021 Pro iPhones have same camera layout as 2020 Pro iPhones
Apple AR Glasses named “Apple Glass”
Apple AR Glasses will cost $499
Apple AR Glasses will have prescription lenses available
Apple AR Glasses pair to iPhone
Apple AR Glasses look like standard glasses
Apple AR Glasses have LiDAR sensor
Apple AR Glasses charge wirelessly with stand
Apple AR Glasses have displays in both lenses
Apple AR Glasses interaction happens through gestures
Apple AR Glasses can scan QR codes
Apple AR Glasses will have Steve Jobs heritage edition
⛔️Apple AR Glasses coming March-June 2021
2020 iPhones will be OLED
2020 iPhones will have 4GB RAM
2020 iPhones will have 64/128/256GB storage
2020 iPhones will have aluminum body
2020 iPhones will have dual cameras
2020 Pro iPhones will have triple cameras
2020 Pro iPhones will have 6GB RAM
2020 Pro iPhones will have 128/256/512GB storage
2020 Pro iPhones will have stainless steel body
2020 Pro iPhones will have LiDAR
watchOS 7/8 will support mental health tracking features
⛔️watchOS 7/8 will be able to detect panic attacks
⛔️New Apple TV 4K is ready to ship in May 2020
⛔️New Apple TV 4K will have A12X processor
⛔️New Apple TV 4K will have 64/128GB storage
⛔️New AirPods ready to ship in May 2020
New MacBook Pro releasing on May 4, 2020
New MacBook Pro releasing at 5:30am PST
2020 iPhone Pro 6.7-inch will cost $1,099
2020 iPhone Pro 6.1-inch will cost $999
⛔️2020 iPhone 6.1-inch will cost $749
⛔️2020 iPhone 5.4-inch will cost $649
⛔️Apple’s Pro apps coming to iPad by April 2021
⛔️New AirPods ready to launch in April 2020
2020 iPhones won’t have Smart Connector
2020 iPhones won’t support Apple Pencil
2020 iPhones won’t have USB-C
iPhone SE 2 will be called “iPhone SE”
iPhone SE 2 releasing at 11am EST
iPhone SE 2 will cost $399
⛔️New AirPower will cost ~$250
iOS Home Screen widgets coming
⛔️3rd-party CC widgets coming
⛔️AirPower prototype first look
⛔️Apple over-ear headphones $350
AirPods X (Beats) for sports/running coming September/October 2020
⛔️AirPods X (Beats) will cost ~$200
⛔️Beats will be phased out by Apple
New 13-inch MacBook Pro coming in May 2020
iPhone SE announcement on April 14/15
⛔️iPhone 9 shipments on April 22
iPhone SE ready to ship in April
2020 iPhones delayed until October/November
New iPad Pro will have 5G
New iPad Pro will have A14X chip
⛔️WWDC 2020 will happen on June 1
New Apple products coming this week
Powerbeats 4 T-Mobile announcement
WWDC 2020 will be online only
US Apple Stores closing due to COVID-19
Apple cancels March 2020 event