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iPhone 13, link

  • Same pricing as iPhone 12 series
  • Thickness and weight increase
  • Pro Max will be “true flagship”
  • Battery life
    • 5.4-inch getting an extra hour of battery life
    • 6.1-inch have ~10% larger batteries
    • 6.7-inch has 18-20% larger battery; on Pro models
  • Enabling Low Power Mode will disable the 120Hz display
  • Camera details
    • Camera sensor on all models gets 15% more light
    • Ultra-wide lens getting 40% more light
    • Cinematic Video feature will keep a subject naturally centered in frame
    • Night Mode shots get upgraded color science and the ability to automatically detect stars for improved astrophotography

Apple Watch Series 7

  • Battery life improvements

AirPods 3

  • Improved bass
  • Larger battery in charging case


2021 iPhones, link

  • Upgraded MagSafe charging system


2021 Pro iPhones, link

  • The updated color for Pro models is apparently closest to hex code 121212
  • New electronic stabilization system known as “warp” may involve subject tracking and would be available across all resolutions and frame rates


2021 iPhones, link

  • Tweaked camera module
    • Lenses will protrude less but will still individually stick out
    • Overall bump depth could be reduced
    • Front-facing camera microphone getting improved noise cancellation and and “clearer-audio”
    • Better optical image stabilization
    • Upgraded Portrait Mode with better edge detection
  • New colors: Apple is reportedly tweaking Space Gray to look closer to black
    • New orange/bronze color is also in testing
  • Stainless steel edges on Pro models may be more fingerprint resistant


  • Dimensions: 32mm x 32mm x 6mm
  • Could retail for $39 each

New Spring products

  • Tablet
  • Wearable
  • Accessory (AirTag)


2021 iPhones, link

  • Camera upgrades
    • New astrophotography mode
    • Upgraded higher-quality ultra-wide lens
    • Portrait Mode for video
  • Always-on display: the clock, battery level and minimalistic notifications are said to be shown at all times
  • Stronger MagSafe magnets will be placed in the chassis to improve the attraction of accessories


October 11

  • Smaller notch on iPhone 12 mini, link
  • Digital and optical zoom getting significant upgrade, link
  • New ultra wide camera getting larger aperture for better low light performance, link
  • At least one hour of extra battery life on iPhone 12 Pro models, link

September 26

  • 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max will have most significant upgrades, link

July 25

  • End of life for 2019 iPhone series is September 30, link

July 9

  • No EarPods in box of iPhone 12, link
  • No power brick in box of iPhone 12
  • A14 processor will have performance increase comparable to A10 to A11 chip
  • Trashy wireless AirPods will replace wired EarPods in the future

June 28

iPhone 12:

  • 4K 120/240p video coming, link
  • Apple’s marketing for the new phones will be “unusually aggressive”

June 21

  • No new hardware at WWDC 2020, link

May 22

  • Apple Glass coming in light aluminum finish, link
  • No speaker on Apple Glass

May 15

  • Standardized Color Picker API coming to iOS 14, link
  • Improved annotations coming to Pencil in iOS 14

May 9

  • iPhone 12:
    • 120Hz display, link
      • 60/120Hz dynamic switching, link
    • Navy blue colorway coming
    • Same frosted glass as iPhone 11 Pro series
    • Flat sides are stronger than recent angled models, link
    • Face ID is shrinking, link
      • Increase in detection angle
      • “Dynamic zoning algorithm” for speed increase
    • Cameras:
      • Larger pixels, link
      • LiDAR sensor, link
        • Used for Portrait Mode, link
      • Subject detection in low light improving
      • EIS in Night Mode improving
      • Slow-mo in low light improving, link
      • Night Mode improving for longer exposures, link
      • Improved white balance, link
      • Portrait video mode in development
      • Updated Smart HDR:
        • Coming to all 4 new models, link
        • Better noise reduction in low light
      • 3x optical zoom coming to telephoto lens, link
        • 25-30x digital zoom in the works
      • Ultra-wide lens field of view remaining the same, link
    • Microphones getting “more precise” beam forming, link
      • Improved Audio Zoom
  • AirPods Studio:
    • Releasing at WWDC, link
    • $349

April 16

  • iPhone 12 (lower-end) new colors, 2 to be chosen:
    • Light blue, link
    • Light orange
    • Updated violet

April 12

  • Underwater display coming to Apple Watch in the future, link
  • Future Apple Watch versions to help with mental health:
    • Detect panic attacks
    • Detect when the user is under stress
    • Learn about when an user could have an panic attack
    • Offer assistance during and, potentially, before a panic attack
    • View history of monitored panic attacks and similar
    • Manually specify symptoms

March 31

  • iMessage will support /me commands, link

March 20

  • Sleep mode toggle coming in iOS 14, link
  • Night Shift for light bulbs
  • Face recognition for HomeKit secure video

March 4

  • No March event, link
  • Press releases for new products
  • iPhone 12:
    • Larger 64mp sensor, link
    • Night mode coming to other lenses than standard angle, link
    • Macro camera
    • Ultra wide lens getting ~35% wider aperture, link
    • Smart HDR getting better due to new algorithm, link
    • Batteries getting ~10% larger, link
  • AirTags:
    • Lost mode
    • Ability to scan lost tags to return them to owner
  • iOS 14:
    • “Mainly a stability update,” link
    • “New designs and graphics”
    • Updated phone call interface


August 13

  • 2019 iPhone 11 models:
    • Pro models will have base storage of 128GB, link
      • 256GB
      • 512 GB
    • Subtle, rainbow Apple logo coating coming
    • Matte finish
    • 6.1-inch model getting better display
      • No mute switch
    • Improved microphones
    • Upgraded Face ID will be as fast as 2nd-generation Touch ID
    • Ultra wide-angle camera can’t film video above 4K30p
    • “Siri intelligence” coming to Camera app
  • Apple working on iPad IP67 water resistance
  • 2020 iPhone 12 Pro will have 1TB capacity

June 23

  • 2019 iPhones getting some kind of fast charging included, link

June 20

  • 2019 iPhones getting “insane speed improvements” to Face ID, link

June 12

  • Night mode coming to 2019 iPhone models, link
    • Will be enabled automatically

May 25

  • iPad getting calculator app in iOS 13, link
    • Widget-like functionality enabled in CC
    • May not make it to final release

May 22

  • 2019 iPhones:
    • Speakers getting louder, link
    • Ultra-wide lens not getting optical image stabilization
    • Notch staying roughly the same size
    • Face ID getting wider scanning
    • Camera flash getting larger and brighter
  • iOS 13:
    • Siri getting multi-command support
      • Smarter in general
  • Apple developing smarter RAM management to “pre-load apps,” link
  • iOS 13 dark mode won’t be pure black

May 10

  • iPhone XR successor will come in new “light green” colorway, link
    • Replacing yellow

May 9

  • HomePod coming to more countries over the next year, link
    • Austria
    • Italy
    • Language support will expand

March 16

  • iOS 13 dark mode coming in beta 1, link

March 2

  • AirPods Pro:
    • Wireless charging, link
      • 0-100 in 15 minutes for AirPods and charging case
      • “Case will be bigger in one direction and heavier”
    • Matte finish similar to Apple Pencil
  • 2019 iPhones
    • Display that works underwater
    • Upgraded Taptic Engine coming to a future product
  • iOS 13 dark mode coming in iOS 13.1

February 19

  • Volume HUD going away in iOS 13, link