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86 rumors

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Rumor list


iPhone 14 Pro getting hole + pill design


2021 iPhones cost same as iPhone 12 lineup
2021 iPhones will be thicker and heavier
⛔️2021 Pro Max iPhone will be “true flagship”
2021 iPhone 5.4-inch getting extra hour of battery life
2021 iPhone 6.1-inch have ~10% larger batteries
2021 iPhone 6.7-inch has 18-20% larger battery
2021 iPhones Low Power Mode disables 120Hz
2021 iPhones have camera sensor for 15% more light
2021 iPhones have ultra-wide lens getting 40% more light
2021 iPhones will have Cinematic Video that keeps subject centered
2021 iPhones will have better Night Mode color science
Apple Watch Series 7 will have better battery life
AirPods 3 will have improved bass
AirPods 3 will have larger battery in case
⛔️2021 iPhones will have upgraded MagSafe charging
⛔️2021 Pro iPhones will have #121212 black color
⛔️2021 iPhones will have new EIS with better subject tracking
2021 iPhones will have updated camera module
⛔️2021 iPhones will have lenses that protrude less
⛔️2021 iPhones will have reduce camera bump depth
⛔️2021 iPhones will have improved front camera mic
2021 iPhones will have better optical image stabilization
2021 iPhones will have better Portrait Mode edge detection
⛔️2021 iPhones will have darker Space Gray
⛔️2021 iPhones will have orange/bronze color
⛔️2021 Pro iPhones have more fingerprint resistant stainless steel
AirTag dimensions are 32x32x6mm
⛔️AirTag will retail for $39
Tablet releasing in Spring 2021
Wearable releasing in Spring 2021
AirTag releasing in Spring 2021
2021 iPhones will have astrophotography mode
2021 iPhones will have higher-quality ultra-wide lens
2021 iPhones will have Portrait Mode video
⛔️2021 iPhones will have always-on display
⛔️2021 iPhones will have stronger MagSafe magnets


⛔️2020 iPhones will have smaller notch on 5.4-inch
2020 iPhones will have digital and optical zoom significant upgrades
⛔️2020 Pro iPhones will have an extra hour of battery life
2020 6.7-inch iPhone will have most significant upgrades
⛔️End of life for 2019 iPhone series is September 30
2020 iPhones won’t have EarPods in box
2020 iPhones won’t have power brick in box
2020 iPhones will have notable A14 processor upgrade
⛔️Low-end AirPods will replace wired EarPods in future
⛔️2020 iPhones will have 4K120/240p video
2020 iPhones will have “unusually aggressive” marketing
WWDC 2020 no new hardware
Apple AR Glasses will have light aluminum finish
Apple AR Glasses won’t have speaker
iPadOS 14 getting standardized color picker API
iPadOS 14 getting improved pencil annotations
2020 iPhones will get new navy blue color
2020 iPhones will have same frosted glass as 11 Pro
2020 iPhones will have stronger flat sides than curved models
⛔️2020 iPhones will have smaller Face ID array
⛔️2020 iPhones will have better Face ID angle detection
⛔️2020 iPhones will have “dynamic zoning algorithm” for faster unlock
2020 iPhones will have larger pixels for cameras
2020 iPhones LiDAR sensor coming
2020 iPhones LiDAR will be used for Portrait Mode
2020 iPhones have better subject section in low light
2020 iPhones will have better EIS in Night Mode
2020 iPhones will have better slow-mo in low light
2020 iPhones will have Night Mode longer exposures
2020 iPhones will have improved white balance
2020 iPhones Smart HDR coming on all models
2020 iPhones Smart HDR better noise reduction low light
⛔️2020 iPhones will get 3x optical zoom
2020 iPhones will have same ultra-wide FOV
2020 iPhones will have improved Audio Zoom
⛔️Over-ear headphones will cost $349
2020 iPhones will have 2 new colors of light blue, light orange, or new violet
Future Apple Watch will have underwater display function
Future Apple Watch can detect stress and panic attacks
⛔️iOS 14 will support /me Messages commands
iOS 14 will have sleep mode toggle
iOS 14 will have Night Shift for light bulbs
iOS 14 will have face recognition for HomeKit Secure Video
No Apple event in March 2020
New products in March released via press release
2020 iPhones getting Night Mode on more lenses
⛔️2020 iPhones will have macro camera
2020 iPhones have ultra-wide lens with ~35% wider aperture
2020 iPhones will have better Smart HDR
⛔️2020 iPhones will have ~10% larger batteries
AirTags have lost mode
AirTags can be scanned to return to owner
⛔️iOS 14 will be “mainly a stability update”
iOS 14 will have “new designs and graphics”
iOS 14 will have updated call interface