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2022 iPhones releasing in September
2022 iPhone won’t have SIM card slot
AirPods Pro 2 first look
AirPods Pro 2 won’t have new bud design
AirPods Pro 2 will have new case with speaker
2021 MacBook Pro screen resolutions
2021 iPad Pro 12.9-inch will be 0.5mm thicker
2021 iPhone notch first look


Apple announcement happening on December 8
Apple announcement will be at 5:30am PST
iOS 14.2 code says 2020 iPhones won’t have EarPods in the box
Apple registers AppleOne domain names
⛔️iOS 14 will have AR bowling game
New MacBook Air releasing next week
iPadOS 14 has Apple Pencil scribble in any field
iPadOS 14 has Apple Pencil “shape-drawing function”
iOS 14 Messages can @mention
⛔️iOS 14 Messages can retract sent messages
⛔️iOS 14 Messages has group chat typing indicator
⛔️iOS 14 Messages can mark messages as unread
⛔️iOS 14 Messages has /me status updates
iOS 14 fitness app called “Fit” or “Fitness”
iOS 14 fitness app works on all platforms
iOS 14 fitness app works with Apple Watch
⛔️iOS 14 fitness app will be free with no in-app purchases
iOS 14 fitness app will have indoor running to yoga
iOS 13.3.1 Powerbeats 4 first look