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Rumor list


Apple working on dual-port 35W charger
iPhone 14 may have satellite connectivity feature
iPhone 14 Pro will have “slightly taller” display
Only iPhone 14 Pro will get brand new chip
iPhone 14 won’t have mini model
New 24-inch iMac coming in 2023
27-inch iMac is dead and iMac Pro isn’t coming
M2 Ultra chip has 24-core CPU
2022 MacBook Air will have M2 chip with 8-core CPU and 10-core GPU
2022 MacBook Pro will be M2 (like above) 13-inch model
2022 Mac mini will have M2 and M2 Pro chips
M2 Pro chip will have 12-core CPU
M2 chip will be 8-core CPU and 10-core GPU
2022 iPad Air will have 5G
2022 iPad Air will have same resolution as 2020 iPad Air
2022 iPad Air getting M1 chip
Mac Studio will have M1 Max and even higher-end chip
Mac Studio is all-new Mac desktop
New monitor will be called Apple Studio Display
⛔️Apple Studio Display has 7K resolution
Apple Studio Display has A13 chip
2022 iPad Pro will have same aluminum chassis
2022 iPad Pro will have MagSafe through Apple logo
2022 iPad Pro will have larger battery
2022 iPad Pro will have iPhone 13-like cameras


Pro Display XDR 2 will have A13 chip
Pro Display XDR 2 will have neural engine
2021 iPad mini will have A15 chip
2021 iPad mini will have USB-C
2021 iPad mini will have smart connector
2021 iPad 9 will have A13 chip
macOS 12 will be called Mammoth or Monterey
2021 Apple TV will support 120Hz
iOS 15 name WebKit code reference
macOS 12 name WebKit code reference
Apple A14X is coming in 2021 iPad Pro
Apple A14X is based off of M1 chip
2 new iMac models appear in macOS code


Apple MagSafe charger first look
iOS 14 references “Apple One” name and bundle
Face ID coming to future Macs
Apple catalyst version of Messages in development
Apple catalyst Messages coming in next macOS release
AirPods Max will have neck detection for play/pause
⛔️AirPods Max will have reversibility
AirPods Max will have ANC
AirPods Max will have transparency mode
AirPods Max will have equalizer for frequency adjustment
Apple Watch Seres 6 will have blood oxygen monitoring
AirPods Max headphones icon first look
watchOS 7 can share watch faces
watchOS 7 doesn’t support 3rd-party watch faces
⛔️watchOS 7 has iCloud shared album watch faces
watchOS 7 has “Infograph Pro” watch face with tachymeter
watchOS 7 will have kids mode with move time ring
watchOS 7 kids mode will have rewards for going outside
watchOS 7 will have “SchoolTime” mode
watchOS 7 will have sleep tracking
watchOS 7 will have new sleep mode CC toggle
watchOS 7 will have new noise CC toggle
watchOS 7 apps are no longer extensions
iPadOS 14 will have system-wide cursor support
iPadOS 14 cursor support will work similar to Mac
New iPad Smart Keyboard will have a trackpad
New iPad Smart Keyboard will come in 2 models
New iPad Smart Keyboard will have gestures between apps
⛔️iOS 14 AR app has Apple Store and Starbucks integration
iOS 14 will have new home screen list view
iOS 14 Home Screen list view has new unread, recently used and Siri sorting
iOS 14 HomeKit has “Night Shift” for lights
iOS 14 HomeKit has face recognition for HomeKit secure video
⛔️iOS 14 HomeKit has permanent audio output for Apple TV
iOS 14 accessibility can detect sounds like baby crying, alarms and sirens
iOS 14 accessibility camera can detect hand gestures
iOS 14 accessibility has new headphone accommodations
iOS 14 accessibility on-device audiogram
⛔️iOS 14 will have new wallpaper categories like earth and moon/flowers
⛔️iOS 14 3rd party wallpaper integration
⛔️iOS 14 Maps will have more details for Apple Stores like availability
⛔️iOS 14 Maps will have new highlights for couple’s seating, children discount, private rooms and IMAX
iOS 14 Find my will have arrival/departure alerts for people
⛔️iOS 14 Find My will have “Headset mode”
iOS 14 Find My will have “AR mode”
iOS 14 CarKey will have BMW as partner
iOS 14 CarKey has active/passive unlock options
iOS 14 Podcasts support bonus in-app content
⛔️iOS 14 Podcasts has new user profile
iOS 14 Podcasts get For You tab
iOS 14 clips for instant apps
⛔️iOS 14 #shotoniphone Photos integration
⛔️iOS 14 Apple Pay supports AliPay
iOS 14 will support CarPlay wallpapers
iOS 14 Safari will have native translation
⛔️iOS 14 translation coming to many apps
iPadOS 14 proper Apple Pencil markup support in Safari
iOS 14 won’t have call recording
Apple’s Beats brand is here to stay
⛔️iPhone SE 2 will launch April 3, 2020
iPhone SE 2 will be called “iPhone SE”
iPhone SE 2 will come in white, black and (RED)
iPhone SE 2 will have 5 case options
iPhone SE 2 has 64/128/256GB storage
iPhone SE 2 has A13 chip
iPhone SE 2 has a solid-stage home button
iPhone SE 2 can scan NFC tags in background
⛔️2020 iPad Pro will have triple lens camera array
2020 iPad Pro will have ToF 3D sensor (LiDAR)
iPhone se 2 will have Touch ID
iPhone SE 2 will have express transit support
Next Apple TV will have updated remote
Next Apple TV will have guided workouts app
AirTags can be setup in bulk
AirTags will have a replaceable battery
AirTags can be located via AR
AirTags can play sound to be located
Powerbeats 4 official video
Full OTA recovery coming to iOS devices
⛔️tvOS 13.4 beta code says new Apple TV 4K is imminent
CarKey feature in iOS 13.4 will allow unlocking driving and sharing car keys
Apple working on “Pro mode” for MacBooks