Apple Watch Series 8 won’t get a faster processor…again

The rumor: Apple isn’t making their new watches any faster in 2022, according to Mark Gurman (86.5% accurate, via Power On).

  • “For those hoping for a faster chip in this year’s Apple Watch, I’m told the S8 chip will have the same specifications as the S7, which was also the same as the S6. Next year’s models, however, are slated to get an an all-new processor,” Gurman says
  • Apple is rumored to introduce 3 new Apple Watch models this year: a new SE, Series 8 and ‘Explorer Edition’ that is more rugged

Sam’s take: While I’m sure that supply chain shortages are the main reason we aren’t getting a faster chip this year…I’m still disappointed. One year is forgivable, but 2 years in a row? Come on. When will we see the processor improvements on Apple Watch that start to finally increase battery life?

Flat-edge Apple Watch Series 8 could finally debut later this year

The rumor: An all-new design for Apple Watch could launch in 2022, according to ShrimpApplePro (not yet tracked).

Sam’s take: While everyone is obviously skeptical of this latest rumor, keep in mind that 3 major sources (Mark Gurman, Jon Prosser, Ming-Chi Kuo) all said a flat-edge design was coming on the Series 7 last year. I think it’s entirely possible, and even likely, that the leaks were just a year ahead, and that 2022 will be when we see this new look release.

Apple Watch Series 8 may get new health sensor

The rumor: A new body temperature sensor could make its way to your wrist later this year, according to Ming-Chi Kuo (72.5% accurate).

  • Apple reportedly tried to put the body temperature sensor on last year’s Apple Watch Series 7…but they were unable to get the measuring algorithm ready in time for production
  • Because the temperature of your skin can vary greatly (especially while outside) Apple has to use both an algorithm and temperature hardware to provide usable measurements
  • It’s possible that the feature could now land on Apple Watch Series 8 this year, which Mark Gurman (86.4% accurate) has also reported

Sam’s take: I hadn’t considered the challenge of skin temperature changing depending on your environment…which sounds like an incredibly hard problem to solve. Looking at the Series 7 retroactively, it makes so much sense that this feature was initially planned for that model because the only other change was a larger display. I really hope we see this on Series 8, and I also hope it can be used for more than just cycle tracking.

Apple Watch Series 8 may get body-temperature sensor later this year (but it’s for women only)

The rumor: Apple is working to add a body-temperature sensor to Apple Watch Series 8, but not how you’d expect, according to Mark Gurman (86.4% accurate, via Bloomberg).

Sam’s take: I have to be honest…this one of the most disappointing rumors I’ve ever heard. I think helping women with fertility tracking is awesome! But if Apple will be using temperature data to do this…why not just share that with the user? I had incredibly high hopes for the Apple Watch as a serious health device, but it looks like Apple just wants it to be a tool, not the tool for your health.

Gurman says that, down the road, a future Apple Watch might be able to tell you if your temperature is higher than normal (ex. a fever)! But also that this Apple Watch “is unlikely to show an actual measurement.”

Listen, I get that there’s tremendous liability involved in giving users health data. But Apple’s current and future health sensor just don’t sound like they’ll be all that useful. Why stop at half-way there and call it day when you could take some extra time to really get things right and create something truly transformative?

Apple Watch Series 8 getting ‘major updates’ in 2022

The rumor: “This year will be the biggest in the history of the Apple Watch since the original model,” according to Mark Gurman (85.5% accurate, via Power On).

  • “Look out for major updates to activity tracking” Gurman says, while adding that faster processors will be coming to the standard, SE and upcoming extreme sports models
  • No new health sensors will likely be added to the Apple Watch Series 8, although a body temperature thermometer is possible

Sam’s take: I certainly hope Gurman is right here, because the Apple Watch hasn’t had a breakthrough since the Series 5’s always-on display. I’ve commented on the stagnation and maturity of the line multiples times in recent years, but Apple has kept up the same slow-and-steady development cycle. It’s not that the Apple Watch is bad—it’s undoubtedly the best wearable in the world—it’s just boring because they’re almost no real competition. I’ve been ready for something major, to say the least.

Apple Watch Series 8 could come in 3 different sizes

The rumor: Apple is planning to introduce a third size variant for the Apple Watch Series 8, according to Ross Young (100% accurate).

  • Apple currently sells 41 and 45mm watches, but the new report suggests that a third size could also be added…we’re just not sure if it would be smaller or larger
  • Prior rumors have pointed to a rugged, more durable Apple Watch debuting next year alongside other Series 8 models

Our take: I didn’t get this rumor at first…but as soon as I looked at my wrist, I realized that I could wear a larger face on my arm. I think a slightly larger 48 or 49mm watch could look great on folks with larger wrists. This is just speculation though, as Young didn’t clarify which direction the size change would head.