Groundbreaking Apple Watch health features are coming…just not soon

The rumor: Apple is working on major advancements for Apple Watch, but development isn’t happening quickly, according to Mark Gurman (86.4% accurate).

Here’s the story, via Bloomberg…

  • Both a blood pressure sensor and noninvasive glucose monitoring have been in the works for years, but Apple still hasn’t finished work on them yet
  • While the blood pressure sensor could launch as early as 2024 or 2025, Gurman says the noninvasive glucose monitoring “is still several years away and hasn’t been assigned a target year of release yet”
  • Later this year, however, Apple plans to add a slew of minor health features via software in watchOS 9, including long-awaited medication tracking

Sam’s take: I can’t same I’m surprised here (but not in a bad way). Packing a blood pressure sensor and new kind of glucose monitoring into a wearable less than a quarter of the size of an iPhone is a momentous undertaking. Sure, I want these features to launch as soon as possible. But I get that health features take time, especially at this scale. Looks like nothing wild is coming until 2024…unless we do get the rumored body-temperature sensor this year.