Apple Watch Series 8 may get body-temperature sensor later this year (but it’s for women only)

The rumor: Apple is working to add a body-temperature sensor to Apple Watch Series 8, but not how you’d expect, according to Mark Gurman (86.4% accurate, via Bloomberg).

Sam’s take: I have to be honest…this one of the most disappointing rumors I’ve ever heard. I think helping women with fertility tracking is awesome! But if Apple will be using temperature data to do this…why not just share that with the user? I had incredibly high hopes for the Apple Watch as a serious health device, but it looks like Apple just wants it to be a tool, not the tool for your health.

Gurman says that, down the road, a future Apple Watch might be able to tell you if your temperature is higher than normal (ex. a fever)! But also that this Apple Watch “is unlikely to show an actual measurement.”

Listen, I get that there’s tremendous liability involved in giving users health data. But Apple’s current and future health sensor just don’t sound like they’ll be all that useful. Why stop at half-way there and call it day when you could take some extra time to really get things right and create something truly transformative?