Apple Watch Series 8: new ‘explorer’ edition, body temperature sensor, coming in 2022

The rumor: Apple is planning to introduce a major new health sensor in the 2022 Apple Watch, according to Mark Gurman (89.1% accurate, via Bloomberg).

  • A new “explorer” or “adventure” edition of the Apple Watch that is more rugged and resilient was initially planned for this year but may have been pushed back until 2022
  • There’s also a body temperature sensor in the works, which would be invaluable during a time like the COVID-19 pandemic, and should be included on the Apple Watch Series 8
  • Non-invasive glucose monitoring, which would be a medical breakthrough, “is unlikely to be ready for commercial launch for several more years”

Our take: I’ve been asking Apple for a body temperature sensor for years now (way before the pandemic was here), and I’m ecstatic to hear that it’s finally coming. I think a launch this year would be timely though, as we likely (hopefully) won’t be thinking about COVID-19 in September 2022.