watchOS 7: Every leak and rumor

With WWDC 2020 just around the corner, here are all of the leaks and rumors about watchOS 7.

More than 80% likely

From 9to5Mac (85.8% accurate):

  • Ability to share watch faces
  • New “Infograph Pro” watch face with tachymeter
  • New “International” watch face
  • New iCloud shared album watch face
  • ‘Parent’ iPhone can pair multiple ‘child’ watches
First look at watchOS 7’s ‘International’ watch face
  • ‘Kids mode’ changes move ring calories to move time
    • Rewards for playing sports or going outside
    • ‘SchoolTime’ allows parents to manage when apps and complications can be used
  • Sleep tracking with the ability to set personal goals
  • Added sleep mode Control Center toggle
  • Added noise detection Control Center toggle
  • Apps will no longer based on extensions of iPhone apps
Apple themselves leaked the Sleep app’s development

From MacRumors (83.3% accurate):

  • Free exercise app called ‘Fit’ or ‘Fitness’

From Jon Prosser (81.3% accurate):

  • New mental health features, specifically centered around preventing panic attacks
Concept: sleep mode and noise detection CC toggles

Less than 50% likely

From The Verifier (42.5% accurate):

  • “Fresh design,” with tweaks to first party apps
  • Not coming to second generation Apple Watch (2016 model)
  • Siri upgrades

A total toss up…

  • Support for Screen Time, link
Screen Time icon hidden in an early build of iOS 14, courtesy of @blue_kanikama