China Times: 72.7% accurate

Aug 31, 2020

China Times: 72.7% accurate

The China Times, a daily newspaper based out of Taiwan, irregularly predicts new Apple products and features.

Rumor list


⛔️New iMac will be powered by A14T processor
New iMac will ship in first half of 2021
2020 MacBook will be first Mac with Apple Silicon
2020 MacBook will have A14X processor
2020 MacBook will have 15-20 hours of battery life
2021 iPad Pro will have A14X processor
⛔️New iMac will have Apple GPU
New 23-inch iMac in development
⛔️23-inch iMac coming in the second half of 2020
New 11-inch iPad in development
11-inch iPad coming in the second half of 2020