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Rumor accuracy

Rumor list


November 9

  • First look at AirTags keychain accessory, link

October 3

  • Apple TV with A14-like processor in the works, link
  • Apple TV with A12X processor in the works
  • Apple game controller coming

September 16

  • First look at AirPods Max, link

June 16

  • “Low Oxygen Saturation Notifications” coming soon (Apple Watch), link
  • Sleep mode on iPhone will dim display, silence alerts and notifications, link
  • Sleep mode on Apple Watch tracks sleep and can wake you silently, link
    • Dims display and enables DND, link

June 6

  • Sleep mode toggle coming to Control Center, link

June 4

  • Fusion drive dead in 2020, link

June 2

  • Next iPad Pros will have A14x processor, link

May 28

  • ARM MacBook coming very soon, link

May 27

  • First look at rough 2021 iPhone design, link
    • Camera details:
      • Wide 1x optical zoom (6x digital zoom) 64mp, link
      • Telephoto 3x-5x optical zoom (15-20x digital zoom) 40mp
      • 64mp anamorphic lens (2.1:1)
      • 0.25x min ultra wide (optical reverse zoom) 40mp
      • Li-DAR 4.0

May 25

  • Lightning port remaining on iPhone 12…no USB-C, link
  • 2021 iPhone 13 series:
    • Smart Connector
    • Portless, link

May 20

  • Apple working on “gaming” Mac lineup, link

May 19

  • Apple Glass will get AirPods-like proximity pairing, link

May 5

  • iPhone 12 can sit upright, link

April 19

  • AirTag features:
    • Activation Lock, link
    • Built-in speaker
    • Accelerometer, link
    • Multiple colors, link
  • Apple second wireless charging device is just for one singular item, link
  • 2020 iPhones will not have smart connector, link
  • iOS 14 will include videos for how to replace AirTag battery, link

April 18

  • First look at CarKey invite interface, link
  • Apple working on second wireless charging device, link
  • AirTags pairing works on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, link

April 7

  • Leaked iOS 14 images show iPhone 12 design, link
    • First look at widget implementation

April 5

  • Leaked iOS 14 image shows iPhone 12 camera setup with LiDAR, link

April 1

  • 4 variants of iPhone 12 coming, link