New ‘Mac mini tower’ listed at retailer ahead of WWDC

The leak: We may have potentially gotten a peek at some new Mac mini models, according to fresh listings on the B&H Photo website.

Sam’s take: Here’s the thing. While these are really fun to look at…they’ve been up now for well over a day. If these were actually leaked accidentally and B&H cared whatsoever about their relationship with Apple, they would’ve been taken down immediately. Considering that we haven’t heard any reputable rumors about these new computers, I’m guessing that, well, B&H is just guessing, too. Not to mention that the 8/256 configuration above doesn’t currently exist for any M1 Pro chip. The MacBook Air on the other hand…that will almost surely be unveiled tomorrow.

New Mac mini leaked by Apple in Studio Display code

The news: In the firmware for the newly introduced Studio Display, there are references to an unreleased Mac mini, according to developer Steve Troughton-Smith (not yet tracked).

Ian’s Take: I’m starting to think that both Kuo and Prosser are right about the Mac mini. It could be that the M2 Mac mini has the same form factor design, while the Mac mini “Pro” has the new design. That makes sense to me, but then I think about the recently released Mac Studio. Where does this “Pro” Mac mini sit in the lineup? Hopefully, we can clear this confusion as we near WWDC.

New Mac mini delayed until 2023, won’t have a new design (rumor)

The rumor: The new Mac mini has been delayed till 2023 and is likely to keep the “same form factor design,” according to Ming-Chi Kuo (72.5% accurate).

  • While previously rumored to release later this year, Kuo is now saying that the Mac mini has been delayed… and it will share the design of the current Mac mini
  • Kuo refers to this device as a “more powerful Mac mini,” suggesting M1 Pro or Max chips could be inside
  • The Mac mini having no redesign is in opposition to Jon Prosser (69% accurate), who showed purported the design in early 2021

Ian’s Take: It seems like we have been getting many conflicting rumors in the past week, and I do not know who to believe… I find it hard to believe that Apple doesn’t update the higher-spec Mac mini this year as the current model still features an Intel processor. Hopefully, as we get closer to release, sources will be in agreement.

Apple still working on M2 and M2 Pro Mac mini coming later this year

The rumor: Apple is planning 2 new chips for the upcoming, redesigned Mac mini, according to 9to5Mac (82.4% accurate).

Here’s their latest exclusive…

  • One Mac mini in development will have a M2 chip, featuring an 8-core CPU but updated 10-core GPU
  • Apple is also making a Mac mini with a M2 Pro chip inside, which will have a new 12-core CPU (no details about the GPU on this one were shared)
  • This seems to be the entire processing story for the next Mac mini, as 9to5Mac says that “Apple currently has no plans to release a version with the M2 Max or Ultra chips”

Sam’s take: Most intriguing here is this new 12-core CPU configuration on the M2 Pro chip that we haven’t seen yet: Apple’s chips available now only come in 8, 10 or 20-core CPU variants. Apparently Apple was initially planning to put M1 Pro and M1 Max chips inside this Mac mini, but this was reportedly scrapped due to the Mac Studio… Overall, the next Mac mini looks like it’ll be situated on the low-to-middle-end of Apple’s lineup.

Exclusive: This is Mac Studio and Apple’s new display, coming at March 8 event

The exclusive: Following the first reports of an all-new desktop and monitor from Apple, AppleTrack is now sharing a first look at the upcoming devices.

  • According to people familiar with the matter who spoke with Luke Miani, the Mac Studio resembles 2 Mac minis stacked on top of each other, with silver sides and a white top with rounded edges similar to the newest MacBook Pro models
  • The people, who asked to remain unnamed, tell us Mac Studio is around the same footprint as the M1 Mac mini, but about 4 inches tall
  • We’re told Mac Studio is accompanied by a new display, measuring roughly 27-inches diagonally, with a similar design to the Pro Display XDR (but it’ll have slightly thicker bezels and no circular lattice pattern on the rear)
  • Both Mac Studio and the new display are scheduled to launch as early as tomorrow, March 8 at Apple’s event…but the company’s plans are historically fluid and subject to change

Luke Miani’s take: This exclusive reporting corroborates prior reports and adds more concrete information about the design. This new look carries on the Mac mini philosophy of minimalism, without eccentric milled aluminum holes like Mac Pro. Expect Mac Studio to feature a wide array of IO, with more USB-C ports than on the current M1 Mac mini. Based on the information we received, we are expecting the new Mac and display to launch at tomorrow’s “Peek Performance” Event.

New rumor says updated Mac mini and external display coming this year, new iMac Pro and Mac Pro in 2023

The rumor: Apple will be updating their lower-end Mac desktops in 2022 and higher-end Mac offerings in 2023, according to Ming-Chi Kuo (70.4% accurate).

  • Later this year: Apple is said to release a “more powerful Mac mini and more affordable external display” that is a 27-inch non-Mini-LED panel
  • 2023: The iMac Pro and Mac Pro are said to be updated

Sam’s take: There’s not much detail about why these Macs may be launching so far apart…and it event contradicts with Apple’s own timeline of the transition to Apple Silicon being complete by the end of 2022. But Kuo also tends to know things very far in the future, and the first half of his tweet lines up with what other sources have been saying.

Apple working on all-new ‘Mac Studio’ computer with chip ‘even more powerful’ than M1 Max

The rumor: To fill the gap between Mac mini and Mac Pro, Apple is developing a new desktop called “Mac Studio,” according to 9to5Mac (82.4% accurate).

What you should know…

  • Apple is working on 2 options: one with a M1 Max chip and another with a new chip more powerful than M1 Max
  • Internally known as J375, the upcoming Mac desktop doesn’t have a known release date but could ship alongside a new 7K “Apple Studio Display” that is also in the works

Sam’s take: This might be the most exciting Mac news we’ve heard since Apple officially announced their transition to Apple Silicon in mid-2020. An all-new Mac desktop? When’s the last time we got one of those? And it would make a lot of sense to fill the gap between the low-end Mac mini and high-end Mac Pro desktops…

This is what’s coming at Apple’s March 8 event (updated)

Extremely likely

iPhone SE

iPad Air

Very Likely

Mac mini

New M2 MacBook Pro 13” (low-end model)

Ian’s Take: I am very excited for this event. At first, it seemed like an event for the new iPhone SE and iPad Air with a small Mac upgrade on the side. Now that we have Mark Gurman confirming the release of 2 new Macs, it is becoming clear to me that this event is about M2 Macs with the iPhone SE and iPad Air being secondary.

Multiple M2 Macs may be unveiled at Apple’s March 8th event

The rumor: Apple is likely to announce a redesigned Mac mini and 13-inch MacBook Pro on March 8th, according to Mark Gurman (85.5% accurate, via Power On).

Ian’s Take: For weeks now there have been conflicting rumors about what to expect at the March event and it is finally starting to be clear. While at first, the 3rd-generation iPhone SE and new iPad Air seemed to be the focus of the event, it is now clear that this event will be all about the new M2 chip…which will be featured in a new Mac mini and a low-end MacBook Pro 13-inch. We also hear that Apple is planning on launching even more Macs in May or June. This is an extremely exciting year for the Mac and I cannot wait to see what they have in store for us.

New Mac mini and Mac mini Pro models coming in 2022

The rumor: Apple will segment the Mac mini into multiple lines for the first time later this year, according to Mark Gurman (85.5% accurate).

  • “Hearing there will be multiple new Mac minis this year, assuming regular and Pro” Gurman says
  • Jon Prosser (69% accurate) previously suggested Apple was working on a Mac mini Pro many months ago, which is said to look similar to the render above

Our take: Apple is really leaning into the non-Pro and Pro strategy this year…and I think it’s a really good idea. Want something sleek and more affordable that gets the job done? Mac mini. Want more power in a bigger chassis? Mac mini Pro.

Apple planning to release 5 new Macs in 2022

The rumor: New versions of the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, 27-inch iMac, Mac mini and Mac Pro are coming in 2022, according to Mark Gurman (87% accurate, via Power On).

This is what’s expected…

  • “Revamped, high-end iMac with Apple silicon to sit above the new 24-inch model”
  • “Biggest MacBook Air revamp in the product’s history, adding the M2 chip and a new design”
  • “New versions of the Mac mini, entry-level MacBook Pro and a revamped Mac Pro with Apple silicon”

Our take: Next year Apple has said they will complete their 2-year transition from Intel to Apple Silicon so this tracks. Looking like 2022 will, potentially, be the biggest year for the Mac ever. And I want all of it.