Apple confirms existence of Apple Silicon iMac in Xcode crash log


The leak: Apple has confirmed that an iMac with Apple Silicon inside is in active development, as first shared by developer Dennis Oberhoff.

  • According to 9to5Mac, “What this screenshot shows is that this developer’s application crashed while being used on an iMac powered by an ARM processor. Apple does not currently sell an iMac powered by an ARM processor, so this signals that the app was being used on an unreleased iMac with Apple Silicon processor.”
  • Apple’s redesigned iMac with Apple Silicon inside could launch as early as Apple’s rumored April special event, but sources broadly aren’t expecting the new models to drop until Fall

Our take: Another indicator that Apple may be planning to launch these new iMacs soon. No release date is confirmed yet, but I am cautiously optimistic based on previously reported timelines and the slew of iMac news lately.