Gurman: Larger iMac Pro with Apple Silicon is still coming

The rumor: Amidst rumors that the larger iMac is officially dead and there won’t be an iMac Pro…Mark Gurman (86.4% accurate, via Power On) believes otherwise.

  • With Apple announcing that M1 Ultra is the final chip in the M1 series, that Mac Pro is the final computer to be transitioned to Apple Silicon, and considering that Apple discontinued the existing 27-inch iMac, it appeared that Apple was saying there would be no more larger iMacs
  • “Some viewers took this to mean there would be no new iMac Pro with chips on par with the MacBook Pro or Mac Studio. I don’t think that’s the case. I still strongly believe a larger iMac with Apple’s pro chips is in development—but I don’t think it, nor the next Mac Pro, are coming anytime soon. The company’s statement is still technically true: The Mac Pro will be the last new Mac to get Apple Silicon. That’s because the iMac Pro doesn’t actually exist as a product. How can Apple update something that isn’t available? The Intel 27-inch iMac was just discontinued, and the previous iMac Pro was killed off a year ago,” Gurman says

Sam’s take: I’m extremely split on this because I can fully see Apple going either direction here. In one hand, the iMac is an iconic line and situates itself as a good middle-ground between a MacBook Pro and Mac Pro. On the other, that’s precisely where the Mac Studio and Studio Display sit now, too. But the iMac, as an all-in-one, is an iconic brand at this point that so many people know and love. Yet you could argue that’s why the 24-inch colorful iMac exists, though…

Apple cancels iMac Pro plans and won’t be releasing a larger-screen iMac with Apple Silicon

The rumor: Apple’s flagship all-in-one is dead and isn’t coming back anytime soon, according to 9to5Mac (82.8% accurate).

Here’s the story…

  • “Apple currently has no plans to release a larger-screen iMac in the near future…this not only applies to a larger screen model, but also versions with Pro, Max, or Ultra chips” 9to5Mac says
  • The company is apparently shifting focus to the new Mac Studio and Studio Display, which were just announced on March 8 at Apple’s Peek Performance event
  • A new 24-inch iMac powered by M2 is said to be coming in 2023, however, as Apple plans to move forward with that line

Sam’s take: As saddened as I am to hear this…I get it. The 27-inch iMac and 27-inch Studio Display would be competing products at a price range around $1,599. I have no doubt that sometime in the future we’ll see a bigger iMac return…but I don’t think right now is then.

Apple discontinues the beloved 27-inch iMac

The news: Following their “Peek Performance” event, Apple has gotten rid of the 27-inch iMac on their website.

Ian’s Take: At first, I was very confused because a redesigned 27-inch iMac was widely expected, but it now makes sense. The upcoming 27-inch iMac will be branded as a “Pro” product, replacing the iMac Pro from 2017: Apple will no make a larger consumer-level iMac in the future. In the meantime, those looking for a larger iMac could pick up an M1 Mac mini and newly unveiled Studio Display for a similar price to the discontinued 27-inch iMac.

Upcoming 27-inch iMac to come in new colors, launch in Spring 2022

The rumor: Apple is planning a major refresh for the next, big iMac, according to DigiTimes (58.3% accurate).

Per the report…

Our take: I don’t buy that it’ll still be an LCD panel, considering how Apple has started to roll out Mini-LED to their other Pro devices already (ex. iPad Pro, MacBook Pro). I do buy that this is coming in the Spring and that it will come in more colors than silver, though.

Redesigned 27-inch iMac launching in early 2022 with Mini-LED 120Hz ProMotion display

The rumor: Apple is preparing to launch the redesigned iMac with Apple Silicon early next year, according to display analyst Ross Young (100% accurate).

  • The new iMac, which is rumored to launch between January and March 2022, is said to feature a Mini-LED display capable of 120Hz ProMotion…just like the new MacBook Pro models that just dropped
  • A previous tweet from Young suggested that this new display would be a standalone monitor, but the report has since been updated

Our take: Looks like the redesigned, larger iMac won’t end up having a larger display after all: Young says it’s sticking at 27 inches. But ProMotion coming? This is the first we’ve heard of the feature dropping on an iMac. Normally I would be skeptical. But Young was the first source to call ProMotion on the new MacBook Pros…and we indeed got it.

Apple will soon carry every color of the new M1 iMac in-store

The rumor: Apple plans to soon stock all iMac colors in-store, according to Mark Gurman (88.8% accurate).

  • Apple will reportedly announce this “minor Mac news” at their ‘California Streaming’ event on September 14
  • Previously, only Blue, Green, Pink and Silver were available in Apple Stores

Our take: Random news, but cool that these colors will be more accessible now.

‘iMac Pro’ with Apple Silicon may not launch until 2022

The rumor: Apple is not updating the 27-inch iMac to Apple Silicon until sometime next year, according to dylandkt (81.3% accurate).

  • The larger iMac delay reportedly comes because Apple doesn’t want the 2021 M1X products to complete for attention and due to other delays in product releases
  • Apple’s next ‘iMac Pro’ could have a screen larger than 30 inches and an M1X or M2 chip inside

Our take: While this is super disappointing as someone who was planning to use this larger iMac as my main computer, at least we are getting some M1X devices later this year. A redesigned iMac, Mac mini and MacBook Pro launching at once would definitely be a lot, and Dylan definitely makes a good point in his tweet below.

Gurman: Larger, redesigned iMac will likely feature M1X or M2X chip

The rumor: Apple is planning a more powerful chip for the iMac to replace the current 27-inch model, according to Mark Gurman (89.1% accurate, via Power On).

  • The new, larger iMac is still coming…but Gurman is not sure exactly when this product will be dropping
  • As for the processor inside, “it likely will be an M1X, the beefier version of the current M1, or an M2X”

Our take: While I was really hopeful for a 2021 release on the larger iMac, I think it’ll probably come sometime in the first half of next year. Don’t worry though, as the M1X MacBook Pro is still on track to release in Fall.

Some M1 iMac owners are receiving units with crooked displays

The news: A number of iMac owners have been praising the new desktop…but a few have noticed a strange issue where the monitor isn’t as level as it should be.

  • As noted first by YouTuber iPhonedo, his brand new M1 iMac was not mounted properly onto its stand and sits slightly crooked
  • Other users have also reported the issue, but it doesn’t appear to be widespread

Our take: This is…wack. Obviously, the thumbnail below is a bit exaggerated, but as can be seen in the header image: yeah, that iMac is crooked. I hope Apple will be replacing these defective units as this is pretty obviously bad.

Jony Ive was ‘involved’ in designing the M1 iMac

The news: There’s a big reason that the new M1 iMac looks the way it does, according to Wired’s recent review of the all-new machine.

  • According to Wired’s Jeremy White, “Jony Ive was involved in the design of this new iMac, despite having left Apple back in 2019. Hardware design is a long process, so perhaps it’s not surprising that Ive’s fingerprints are all over this new desktop. But, interestingly, Apple would not confirm or deny if he worked on the 2021 iMac after he left the company – just that he had worked on it.”
  • Ive, who worked on too many iconic products to count, famously left the company in June 2019 to start a new creative business called LoveFrom…Apple was their first client

Our take: This is so ridiculously obvious now that I’ve had it spelt out for me: the white bezels, the chin, the same Magic Mouse…it has Ive’s fingerprints everywhere. Really interesting that Apple wouldn’t confirm when Ive worked on the iMac, however…just that he did at some point.

Download the new M1 iMac wallpapers here

The wallpapers: Bundled with each of the new M1 iMac models is a host of new wallpapers that happen to all be a part of the “hello” branding.

  • There are 7 new light and dark mode wallpapers that ship with the redesigned iMacs
  • 9to5Mac has extracted the wallpapers from the latest version of macOS and you can download them below