Yet another rumor says this is the new design for iPhone 14

The rumor: The iPhone 14 Pro will feature both a hole and pill in place of the notch, according to Max Weinbach (69% accurate).

Ian’s Take: While obviously, I am happy about the notch going away, is this really the best solution? I feel this nonsymmetrical cutout of sensors will not look the best in person, especially considering the size. Apple wants to be unique, and they want to be recognizable, and this is how they will set themselves apart from the many “hole punch” screen designs on popular Android phones.

Apple Watch Series 7 may see longest battery life yet

The rumor: Apple may make their watch battery last longer for the first time in the line’s history, according to Max Weinbach (68.8% accurate).

  • “The Apple Watch Series 7 is bound to see its first real battery life improvement since the original Apple Watch,” says PineLeaks on Twitter
  • Apple has promised up to 18 hours of battery life on Apple Watch since the device was released in early 2015

Our take: Finally. I can’t remember a single other Apple product that has seen battery life remain absolutely unchanged for this long…and I’m hoping the improvements could allow the watch to be charged every 2-3 days (instead of every night). Alongside the new design, perhaps this could wind up being the killer upgrade this year.

AirPods 3 may get improved bass, larger case battery

The rumor: Apple will be increasing the battery capacity for the next-generation AirPods charging case, according to Max Weinbach (68.8% accurate).

  • AirPods 3 may ship with an updated wireless charging case…now coming standard…that includes a ~20% larger battery according to a new report shared on Twitter by PineLeaks
  • The batteries inside the pods themselves are said to be identical inside to those found in AirPods Pro
  • While the overall sound profile will be similar to AirPods 3, improved “bass and low ends” are expected

Our take: This is the first we’ve heard, to my knowledge, of improved sound coming to AirPods 3: bass is the number one area where AirPods 2 are lacking now. No mention of a release date, but sources have suggested we could see these later this month.

iPhone 13 may see NO price hike, longer battery life & major camera upgrades

The rumor: iPhone 13, which is just days away, sees a number of new features and functionality leaked by Max Weinbach (68.8% accurate).

In the large report publicized by PineLeaks on Twitter, here’s what they expect to see on iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro models next week:

  • Same pricing as iPhone 12 series
  • Across all models, weight and thickness will increase a bit, with this most noticeable on the iPhone 13 Pro Max (this will be “the true flagship smartphone…differentiating itself from the standard Pro model”)
  • Battery life: 5.4-inch getting an extra hour of battery life, 6.1-inch have ~10% larger batteries, 6.7-inch has 18-20% larger battery; on Pro models, enabling Low Power Mode will disable the 120Hz display
  • Camera details: Camera sensor on all models gets 15% more light, with the ultra-wide lens getting 40% more light; Cinematic Video feature will keep a subject naturally centered in frame; Night Mode shots get upgraded color science and the ability to automatically detect stars for improved astrophotography

Our take: Pretty much every detail in this massive report is a good one, and sets reasonable expectations for the iPhone 13 series. I’m still most excited to hear about the new satellite connectivity, but these auxiliary upgrades will make a compelling upgrade.

iPhone 12s may have larger MagSafe coil for reverse wireless charging & Portrait Mode video

The rumor: Apple is planning some minor internal upgrades on this year’s iPhone 12s models, according to Max Weinbach (69.1% accurate, via EverythingApplePro).

  • Portrait Mode video, which is technically enabled in iOS 15’s FaceTime app, is said to be expanding to the camera app on iPhone 12s later this year
  • A slightly larger MagSafe charging system may also feature better heat/wattage management, and could enable the long-awaited reverse wireless charging feature
    • This would allow AirPods to be wirelessly charged on the rear of the iPhone itself

Our take: Reverse wireless charging would be a killer feature for me and I hope it’s this year that we finally see it. And with Portrait Mode video technically enabled right now in FaceTime, making it more broadly available in the camera app doesn’t feel like too much of a stretch.

New iPhone 13 Pro black color and camera features leaked

The rumor: A batch of new iPhone 13 rumors have been shared by Max Weinbach (69.1% accurate, via EverythingApplePro)

  • The updated color for Pro models is apparently closest to hex code 121212, which will be a darker version of the current Graphite
  • A new electronic stabilization system known as “warp” may involve subject tracking and would be available across all resolutions and frame rates

Our take: Two small tidbits from this latest info drop, but the new black seems like it will actually be black. Giving me iPhone 5 slate vibes.

Apple’s first 2021 releases may include new tablet, accessory and wearable products

The rumors: Apple’s April product releases will include a tablet, wearable and accessory, according to Max Weinbach (67.1% accurate).

  • Tablet: a new iPad Pro (with Mini-LED on the 12.9-inch, 5G, upgraded cameras and Thunderbolt support)
  • Wearable: “likely new seasonal Apple Watch bands” (new Solo Loop colors)
  • Accessory: AirTags, Apple’s long-awaited tracking accessory

Our take: Only new info here is about the Apple Watch bands, which Apple does just about every year. Wouldn’t it be wild if the new watch band was an indigo color?

AirTags dimensions leaked (they’re tiny), estimated to cost $39

The rumor: The sizing and potential pricing for AirTags has been leaked by details for AirT Max Weinbach (67.1% accurate, via EAP).

  • The exact dimensions may be 32mm x 32mm x 6mm (see a comparison to a penny here)
  • A retail source, who Weinbach cites, suggests AirTags could retail for $39 each

Our take: AirTags are smaller than I thought they would be. Like they’re really small. Also, I’ll be surprised if they are only $39 per tag…

iPhone 13 may get new orange and matte black colors, upgraded Portrait Mode & more

The rumors: Apple is working on better cameras and upgraded colors for the 2021 iPhones, according to Max Weinbach (67.1% accurate, via EAP).

  • Tweaked camera module: The lenses will protrude less but will still individually stick out, and the overall bump depth could be reduced
    • Front-facing camera microphone getting improved noise cancellation and and “clearer-audio”
    • Better optical image stabilization
    • Upgraded Portrait Mode with better edge detection
  • New colors: Apple is reportedly tweaking Space Gray to look closer to black and a new orange/bronze color is also in testing
  • Stainless steel edges on Pro models may be more fingerprint resistant

Our take: The new orange color could look pretty cool…it’s certainly something we’ve never seen on iPhone before. Overall though, these rumors broadly speak to this absolutely being an ‘S year.’

iPhone 13 may get always-on display, stronger MagSafe & Portrait Mode for video

The rumor: Apple is planning a number of notable upgrades for the iPhone 13 series, according to Max Weinbach (67.1% accurate, via EAP).

  • 3 impressive camera upgrades: new astrophotography mode, upgraded higher-quality ultra-wide lens and Portrait Mode for video(!)
  • Always-on display: the clock, battery level and minimalistic notifications are said to be shown at all times
  • Stronger MagSafe magnets will be placed in the chassis to improve the attraction of accessories

Our take: An always-on display would be so incredibly nice to finally see on iPhone! And as a huge fan of MagSafe, stronger magnets on the 2021 iPhones would make some accessories like the wallet attach more securely. I’m still highly skeptical about Portrait Mode for video coming this year, though.

Apple October 2020 event leaderboard update

This is our biggest leaderboard update yet. While other products see rumors intermittently throughout the year, Apple’s biggest product, the iPhone, is relentlessly leaked week-by-week until the eventual Fall unveil. Following the October 13 event, here’s how iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and HomePod mini rearranged the source leaderboard.

Sources that increased

🏀 Mark Gurman: 87.8 ⮕ 88.3% accurate

  • +30 correct rumors
  • -2 incorrect claims

🧻 Jon Prosser: 74.5 ⮕ 85.2% accurate

  • +69 correct rumors
  • -6 incorrect claims

👨‍💻 Ming-Chi Kuo: 74.6 ⮕ 77.5% accurate

  • +19 correct rumors
  • -1 incorrect claims

🗞 WSJ: 76.7 ⮕ 77.4% accurate

  • +1 correct rumor

MacRumors: 69 ⮕ 70% accurate

  • +1 correct rumor

🧭 Macotakara: 66.7 ⮕ 69.6% accurate

  • +16 correct rumors
  • -5 incorrect claims

🍍 Max Weinbach: 63 ⮕ 67.1% accurate

  • +23 correct rumors
  • -8 incorrect claims

🔢 DigiTimes: 61.3 ⮕ 65% accurate

  • +14 correct rumors
  • -4 incorrect claims

🦅 Barclays: 57.9 ⮕ 64.5% accurate

  • +9 correct rumors
  • -3 incorrect claims

The Verifier: 51.3 ⮕ 51.9% accurate

  • +1 correct rumor

💵 Economic Daily News: 36.1 ⮕ 36.8% accurate

  • +1 correct rumor
  • -1 incorrect claim

Source(s) that stayed the same

🧧 Kang 康总: 97.8 ⮕ 97.8% accurate

  • +84 correct rumors
  • -2 incorrect claims

Sources that decreased

🌙 L0vetodream: 88.9 ⮕ 87.9% accurate

  • +32 correct rumors
  • – 5 incorrect claims

Note: As you may have noticed, no source is 100% accurate. That’s because all sources get some info right and some info wrong: do not harass anyone for their track record. The leaderboard functionality on AppleTrack is here only to help Apple enthusiasts better understand how likely a rumor really is.

As always, if you notice a discrepancy on someone’s record, let us know.