Apple releases 3 new colors for Beats Studio Buds

The news: Following rumors of an imminent launch, Apple has debuted 3 new colors for the popular Beats Studio Buds headphones.

  • Moon Gray, Sunset Pink and Ocean Blue are the new colorways that will be available beginning on Wednesday, April 13
  • “In today’s press release announcing the new colors, Beats says that Beats Studio Buds have globally been the company’s ‘fastest-selling product to date.’ Notably, this is likely because of how well the Beats Studio Buds integrate with Android devices,” 9to5Mac says

Sam’s take: The new colors are nice! While I was a bit surprised initially that Apple would be updating Beats Studio Buds with new colors, I suppose it makes sense considering that these are apparently the best selling Beats ever The price point and feature set is incredibly competitive, so I get it. I just wish I could use in-ear headphones to be part of the hype.

New Beats Studio Buds colors rumored to release soon

The rumor: Apple is working on 3 fresh colors for Beats Studio Buds, according to Jon Prosser (69% accurate, via Front Page Tech).

  • Moon Gray, Ocean Blue and Sunset Pink are the rumored trio of colors said to be launching sometime “soon”
  • We don’t have any official images, but we connected what the new colors could look like above
  • Beats Studio Buds first released on June 25, 2021, and these new colors are likely to spur some additional interest in the product as it nears a year old

Sam’s take: Considering that these are on sale right now for $119.99, I’m going to assume that aren’t selling all that well. I tried them out for myself, but in-ear buds (including AirPods Pro) just never work well for me. On top of that, I wasn’t impressed by the sound quality and thought the build felt a bit cheap…which I guess is fair for a lower-end offering like this. Still, I’d love to see Apple bring some colors to AirPods and not just Beats.

Beats releases new Studio3 ‘Cosomophones’

The news: Beats has released a new colorway for the Studio3 headphones in a stunning collaboration with streetwear icon Kerwin Frost.

  • Coined the “Cosmophones,” Frost’s take on the iconic design features space-inspired iconography combined with some electric illustrations that bring life to an aging product
  • You can buy the new headphones on April 1 from SSENSE or KERWINSKINGDOM.COM
  • The Beats Studio3 headphones first debuted in September 2017, making the model nearly 5 years old at this point

Sam’s take: As a design aficionado…I love these and they’re my favorite Beats collaboration ever. As a tech fan…please don’t buy these because they haven’t been updated in years. But damn do they look fresh!

Apple announces new Powerbeats Pro x NBA special edition

The news: Apple has updated the aging Powerbeats Pro headphones with a hot new colorway in collaboration with the NBA.

  • With a base ivory coat and stunning blue and red accents, this is one of the best looking Beats designs in history
  • Announced to be releasing on February 19 for $249 at Better Gift Shop, this new take on the years-old Powerbeats Pro celebrates the NBA’s 75th anniversary as a league

Our take: I think they absolutely nailed the NBA look on these headphones…but why did they choose the model that is going on 3 years old? Seems like Beats Studio Buds or Beats Fit Pro would be a much better fit…

Apple discontinues Beats Pill+ speaker and now doesn’t sell any Bluetooth speakers

The news: Apple’s first cancelation of 2022 has been the quite removal of the outdated Beats Pill+ speaker, as first spotted by 9to5Mac.

Our take: I honestly forgot about this until I saw the headlines that Apple discontinued it. Which I don’t blame myself for, considering that it was last updated in 2015 and has been greatly out shadowed by the HomePod mini (which is much cheaper). Really, I’m just sad (and confused?) that Apple doesn’t make a really good Bluetooth speaker. It seems like such an obvious product that they could nail…considering that they literally make HomePod speakers already.

Apple releases new limited edition AirTags and Beats Studio Buds

The news: The final Apple products of 2021 have just dropped…but they’re only available in Japan or China.

  • A new AirTag featuring a custom year of the tiger engraving is out now in Japan to celebrate the Japanese New Year…alongside a new promotion where you get a gift card when you buy select products
  • There are also new Beats Studio Buds releasing on January 1 that get a fresh coat of paint with tiger-inspired graphics to celebrate the Lunar New Year

Our take: Some special products to commemorate a special time of the year in Asia. I think it’s dope that Apple periodically drops custom, limited-edition stuff like this in different counties.

Beats releases special edition UNION Beats Studio Buds

The news: Apple-owned beats has released a new version of Beats Studio Buds in collaboration with UNION LOS ANGELES, a fashion retailer.

  • Red, black and green color the packaging, case and Beats Studio Buds themselves “drawing inspiration from the Pan-African flag and paying tribute to Union’s roots as a Black-owned business”
  • Beats last collaboration with A-COLD-WALL* offered a new colorway for the aging Beats Studio3 over-ear headphones

Our take: While the Beats Studio Buds didn’t work well for me as my ears aren’t compatible with in-ear headphones, I’ve heard a lot of love for them online considering the feature-set is quite impressive for $150. This marks the first collaborative drop for this model of Beats so far, and this Pan-African-inspired design looks slick on these.

Beats Fit Pro released with new in-ear design, ANC & Spatial Audio

The news: An all-new pair of Beats headphones just dropped with a slew of features comparable to AirPods Pro.

  • The main difference between these and every other pair of Beats buds or AirPods is the built-in wing design that bends for a more secure fit inside your ear
  • Multiple ear tips, active noise cancellation (ANC), and Spatial Audio compliment the fresh design on Beats Fit Pro…making these quite similar to Apple’s $249 AirPods Pro
  • Beats Fit Pro are available to order now for $199 and being arriving on Friday, November 5

Our take: I remember seeing a report a while back that Apple was planning a major revamp for the Beats brand…something that a lot of us were skeptical of considering Apple’s ramped up efforts with AirPods. But over the past two years, we’ve seen the launch of four entirely new products from Beats: PowerBeats Pro in 2019, Beats Flex in 2020 and Beats Studio Buds and Beats Fit Pro in 2021. This isn’t to say I’ve been super impressed with these releases, but I like that the Beats brand is forging their own path alongside AirPods to fit different use cases and serve different customers.

Beats Studio Buds releasing in 3 colors on June 25 for $149

The news: Apple just announced their latest pair of Beats headphones: Beats Studio Buds, a stemless pair of truly wireless earbuds.

  • Active noise cancellation (ANC) alongside transparency mode come standard on these new headphones, with a some Beats-exclusive silicon powering the buds
  • They’re also IPX4-rated sweat and water resistant and amiable in black, red and white
  • Apple promises 8 hours of battery life on a single charge, with the case enabling 24 hours of total battery life
  • Beats Studio Buds are available to order now on and ship on June 25 for $149

Our take: These look great, and the price is crazy here…keep in mind the cheapest AirPods start at $159. Most fascinating bit of info here is the lack of an Apple chip inside, apparently it’s some custom Beats silicon enabling a lot of H1 chip-like features. With AirPods 3 still nowhere in sight, it will be hard to pass these stemless, more innovative-looking buds up.

Beats Studio Buds may launch on July 21

The rumor: Apple’s first pair of stemless earbuds are launching next month, according to Jon Prosser (73.6% accurate, via FrontPageTech).

Our take: Every piece of evidence was suggesting an imminent launch, and even Mark Gurman (89.1% accurate) has said BSB are coming in July… Pretty excited to try these out.

Beats Studio Buds leaked in new images

The leak: Our first hands-on images of the upcoming Beats Studio Buds headphones have leaked, courtesy of MySmartPrice (100% accurate, source).

  • Matching up with the previous images found in software, the new headphones are truly wireless and don’t have a stem
  • With recent FCC filings, a launch for the new Beats seems to be happening very soon

Our take: Honestly, these look a bit weirder in real life than I thought they would. Also seems like they are releasing imminently.