AirPods, Magic Mouse & more rumored to get USB-C port in the future

The rumor: Alongside a new iPhone that boasts USB-C, more Apple products will also make the switch, according to Ming-Chi Kuo (72.5% accurate).

  • “Other Lightning port products (e.g., AirPods, Magic Keyboard/Trackpad/Mouse, MagSafe Battery) would also switch to USB-C in the foreseeable future,” Kuo says
  • Apple is seemingly planning to kill off the Lightning port in its entirety sometime within the next 2 years, following a long and painful run after being first introduced in 2012

Sam’s take: This is, like the iPhone switching to USB-C, also too good to be true? Just seeing a rumor about this makes me laugh at how ridiculous Lightning is is…that keyboards and mouses, products designed to be used with Macs, Macs that only feature USB ports, ever featured a Lightning connector. It’s just nonsensical and silly. It looks like 2023 could be the end of that tomfoolery.

Apple VP hints at what’s next for AirPods

The news: Apple may be working on a solution for wireless, high-resolution audio that isn’t currently supported by Bluetooth, according to Apple VP of Acoustics Gary Geaves.

  • In a new interview from What Hi-Fi?, Geaves discusses the engineering marvel that is AirPods 3…but also speaks on the Bluetooth standard that could be holding all AirPods back
  • “Obviously the wireless technology is critical for the content delivery that you talk about…we have to concentrate very hard on squeezing the most that we can out of the Bluetooth technology, and there’s a number of tricks we can play to maximize or get around some of the limits of Bluetooth. But it’s fair to say that we would like more bandwidth and… I’ll stop right there. We would like more bandwidth” Geaves says
  • Jon Prosser (73.9% accurate) reported in May that Apple was working on a new version of AirPlay that would enable lossless audio on AirPods

Our take: Sounds like Geaves had more to say, doesn’t it? I’d bet we’ll hear more about a new wireless standard (or improved version of AirPlay) from Apple in the next year or so.

Apple planning to release 5 new Macs in 2022

The rumor: New versions of the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, 27-inch iMac, Mac mini and Mac Pro are coming in 2022, according to Mark Gurman (87% accurate, via Power On).

This is what’s expected…

  • “Revamped, high-end iMac with Apple silicon to sit above the new 24-inch model”
  • “Biggest MacBook Air revamp in the product’s history, adding the M2 chip and a new design”
  • “New versions of the Mac mini, entry-level MacBook Pro and a revamped Mac Pro with Apple silicon”

Our take: Next year Apple has said they will complete their 2-year transition from Intel to Apple Silicon so this tracks. Looking like 2022 will, potentially, be the biggest year for the Mac ever. And I want all of it.

Translucent AirPods leak in design we will never get

The leak: A special prototype of the original AirPods has been shared on Twitter by collector Giulio Zompetti.

  • The prototype pictured features the standard white headpiece but a fully translucent rear backing and stem…they look incredibly similar to the Nothing ear (1)
  • Translucent prototypes like these AirPods seem to be a standard practice: images of Apple’s 20W charging brick were spotted in in a translucent finish prototype in 2020

Our take: These are simply fun to look at and nothing more than a cool prototype. I love the look, but don’t expect Apple to ever release a pair of real AirPods that looks like this.

New rumors say AirPods 3 coming at October 18 ‘Unleashed’ Apple event

The rumor: Apple is ready to launch AirPods 3, according to Weibo source PandaIsBald (not yet rated) and analyst Wedbush Securities (71.4% accurate, source).

  • Both sources, which admittedly have mixed track records, believe that Apple will launch third-generation AirPods on Monday at the next Apple event
  • Rumors have swirled for months about the launch of AirPods 3 and have been extensively leaked for months

Our take: While I want these to come so badly next week, I’m still not entirely convinced that they will make an appearance. AirPods and Mac updates at the same time feels off to me, but I think a release is still somewhat plausible.

AirPods firmware 4A400 released with Find My upgrades

The news: Finding lost AirPods should be easier than ever, thanks to Apple’s latest 4A400 firmware update for the wildly popular earbuds.

  • As part of the Find My network, AirPods can now be found when they come into contact with other Apple products and also feature Proximity View for more precise locating
  • The feature was first announced at WWDC 2021 alongside Conversation Boost and new Announce Messages features

Our take: Going to keep saying this until it happens: Apple needs to publicize the release notes for AirPods firmware updates and the updates need to be easier to install. Apple has not said a word about this update, it just came out of the blue with no context. Either way, this update is nice even as we wait the cooler Conversation Boost feature that hasn’t dropped just yet.

AirPods 3 coming at Apple’s September 14 event, according to Kuo

The rumor: Apple will unveil AirPods 3 on Tuesday, according to Ming-Chi Kuo (76.6% accurate).

  • AirPods 3, which have already been leaked extensively, may be announced alongside iPhone 13 and Apple Watch Series 7 at Apple’s ‘California Streaming’ event on September 14
  • Also mentioned in the research note, obtained by AppleTrack, are the Apple’s plans to apparently continue producing AirPods 2 in the future…perhaps as a budget option

Our take: I know this may sound like a hot take, but this is now what I’m most excited to see on Tuesday. Plus, it marks the first time Apple will announce a new pair of AirPods on stage since the originals in September 2016.

AirPods 3 may get improved bass, larger case battery

The rumor: Apple will be increasing the battery capacity for the next-generation AirPods charging case, according to Max Weinbach (68.8% accurate).

  • AirPods 3 may ship with an updated wireless charging case…now coming standard…that includes a ~20% larger battery according to a new report shared on Twitter by PineLeaks
  • The batteries inside the pods themselves are said to be identical inside to those found in AirPods Pro
  • While the overall sound profile will be similar to AirPods 3, improved “bass and low ends” are expected

Our take: This is the first we’ve heard, to my knowledge, of improved sound coming to AirPods 3: bass is the number one area where AirPods 2 are lacking now. No mention of a release date, but sources have suggested we could see these later this month.

Chinese retailer says iPhone 13 releasing on September 17, AirPods 3 on September 30

The rumor: A Chinese retailer claims to have the release dates for both iPhone 13 and AirPods 3, according to IT Home (not yet tracked, via MacRumors).

  • The listing, which isn’t verified, shows iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max releasing on September 17…with AirPods 3 releasing a bit later on September 30
  • IT Home, who first noticed the image, doesn’t have a reliable track record and has altered images in the past

Our take: While these dates could coincidentally end up being right, I’m highly doubtful that this random retailer somehow got access to the release dates prior to anyone else. They could be accurate, but with no track record I’m highly skeptical. We’ll keep you updated if any more reliable sources report these release dates…

Gurman: AirPods 3 coming this Fall

The rumor: Apple is preparing to unveil AirPods 3 alongside new iPhones this Fall, according to Mark Gurman (89.1% accurate, via Power On).

  • “Look for Apple to debut its new low-end AirPods this fall, around the same time as the next iPhones” Gurman says
  • AirPods 3 have been leaked extensively, but it’s still murky what specific upgrades are coming…aside from a brand-new design

Our take: I think this hybrid in-ear design is truly going to be game changing for AirPods and spark some fresh interest in a brand that Apple updates only every couple of years. This is the third time we’re hearing new AirPods this Fall, so expect them sometime in the September/October timeframe.

Second rumor suggests AirPods 3 releasing in September alongside iPhone 13

The rumor: Apple will be unveiling a new version of AirPods alongside the 2021 iPhones, according to dylandkt (81.3% accurate).

Our take: I was skeptical about the first rumor, but Dylan seems to have release timeframes down pretty well for new products. Looks like we may be seeing AirPods 3 in just under 2 months…