Rumor: Apple’s AR/VR headset completes production tests, should launch in 2022

The rumor: Apple has completed production testing for their upcoming AR/VR headset, according to DigiTimes (60.8% accurate, via MacRumors).

The report…

  • Citing suppliers, DigiTimes says that the AR/VR headset prototype has passed second-phase engineering validation tests, also known as EVT2…which happens before the design validation test (DVT) stage (see infograph below)
  • DigiTimes adds that the headset should release by the end of 2022

Ian’s take: While DigiTimes doesn’t have the best track record, the supply chain is their strong suit. Gurman recently said that the headset could be delayed until 2023, but DigiTimes believes that it will release by the end of 2022. Either way, this device is finally nearing release after so many years of rumors and I could not be more intrigued.

2022 MacBook Pro said to launch in early March

The rumor: Apple will unveil a new low-end MacBook Pro model in just about a month, according to DigiTimes (60.8% accurate).

According to the report…

Our take: I doubt that we will see this M2 MacBook Pro before any other M2 computers, like the redesigned MacBook Air or iMac 24-inch. At the same time, l can’t imagine it would be too difficult to put a less-powerful chip in the body of a notebook made for more-powerful chips.

Upcoming 27-inch iMac to come in new colors, launch in Spring 2022

The rumor: Apple is planning a major refresh for the next, big iMac, according to DigiTimes (58.3% accurate).

Per the report…

Our take: I don’t buy that it’ll still be an LCD panel, considering how Apple has started to roll out Mini-LED to their other Pro devices already (ex. iPad Pro, MacBook Pro). I do buy that this is coming in the Spring and that it will come in more colors than silver, though.

Apple’s iPhone 13 may be getting more expensive…here’s why

The rumor: Apple’s upcoming iPhone 13 series may be more expensive than the iPhone 12 due issues with chip production, according to DigiTimes (61% accurate).

  • Per the new report, prices for chip production from TSMC, one of Apple’s manufacturers, could see increases as high as 20%
  • In turn, “Apple is likely to set higher prices for its upcoming iPhone and other series, according to market sources. Multiple notebook brand vendors, which have raised their prices by 5-10% so far this year, continue to explore ways to mitigate the impact of rising costs on their profitability” DigiTimes says

Our take: Wow…the first we’ve heard of a price increase for iPhone 13, all due to the chip shortage. Considering the breadth of the rumored upgrades this year, this will literally be a tough sell. The prices for the iPhone 12 lineup are already quite high, so I’m curious to see how much Apple may be planning to hike here. Then again, this is just coming from DigiTimes, a source that is only 61% accurate…

Apple could bring titanium chassis to iPads in the future

The rumor: Apple may be planning to expand Titanium beyond the Apple Card and Watch in the future, according to DigiTimes (61% accurate).

Our take: Considering how much larger iPad bodies are in comparison to the iPhone, I don’t anticipate this happening soon…at all. Down the line, though, titanium would be a really solid form factor upgrade for the iPad Pros. Plus, it would be a nice change fo pace from aluminum (which Apple generally reserves for their lower-end products).

Apple rumored to hold multiple September Events this year

The rumor: Apple plans to hold more than one event this September, according to DigiTimes (61% accurate).

  • The rumor, seen by MacRumors, says Apple plans to “host a series of product launch conferences in September,” with a new model of the $329 is expected at one of them
  • In this history of Apple as a company, they have never held two major product launch events in September…last year they spread out their announcements between September, October and November

Our take: With DigiTimes’ weak track record…yes, I’m highly skeptical of multiple events next month. Not saying it’s impossible. Just highly improbable.

AirPods 3 may debut alongside iPhone 13 at September event

The rumor: Apple may be releasing new AirPods this Fall, according to DigiTimes (63.5% accurate, source).

Our take: Keep in mind this is coming from DigiTimes, so take it with a grain of salt. But it seems like AirPods 3 may be just around the corner.

Redesigned iPad mini may have Mini-LED display

The rumor: Apple next iPad mini will feature the same screen tech as the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, according to DigiTimes (63.5% accurate, via MacRumors).

Our take: Day-by-day, this new iPad mini is sounding like a seriously incredible device. I just can’t believe Apple is making this many changes after ignoring it for so long…

iPhone SE 3 likely coming in first half of 2022 with A14 chip & 5G

The rumor: Apple’s next iPhone SE won’t be debuting until the first half of next year, according to DigiTimes (63.5% accurate).

  • According to the report, ‘iPhone SE 3’ will include the A14 processor and support for 5G connectivity
  • This story echoes prior rumors also pointing to a launch in the first half of 2022

Our take: If every source in the game is saying that a new SE is coming in the first half of 2022, I’m inclined to believe it. And feature-wise, it sounds like it’ll be just as minimal as the 2020 iPhone SE.

Second report says iPhone 13 will get upgraded WiFi 6E

The rumor: Apple’s 2021 iPhones will get upgraded WiFi connectivity, according to DigiTimes (63.5% accurate, source).

  • DigiTimes says iPhone 13 will get WiFi 6E, echoing a prior report from Barclays (62.2% accurate)
  • The Wi-Fi Alliance describes Wi-Fi 6E as “higher performance, lower latency, and faster data rates – extended into the 6 GHz band”

Our take: Although two sources have made the 6E claim now, both are just above 60% accurate. Still haven’t heard this from anyone super reputable yet…

Report: M1X 14/16-inch MacBook Pro announcement in September

The rumor: Apple’s redesigned MacBook Pro models are coming late in the third quarter of 2021, according to DigiTimes (63.5% accurate).

  • The new report says the new MacBook Pros with faster Apple Silicon are coming this September, when Apple traditionally holds their iPhone event
  • Other rumors say the 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro models will be redesigned and bring back the HDMI port, SD card reader and MagSafe charging connectivity

Our take: Second report in recent history suggesting a Fall launch for the MacBook Pros. Still a couple months of waiting on these…