Many Apple products sold out for months as supply chain issues finally add up

The news: In a situation that has been developing for months, significant product shortages have finally begun to affect the Cupertino tech giant across numerous product categories.

As first noted by @BasicAppleGuy, here are the current estimated shipping times for the following products in the United States:

  • iPad Air: 31-38 days
  • Mac Studio (M1 Max base model): 9-17 days
  • Mac Studio (M1 Ultra base model): 52-67 days
  • Mac Studio (custom configuration): 80-94 days
  • Apple Studio Display: 60-74 days
  • MacBook Pro (base 14/16-inch): 57-71 days
  • MacBook Pro (custom configuration): 59-76

Some stock may show up sporadically in Apple Stores between now and these estimated dates…but the availability will be quite constrained for the next 2-3 months.

Sam’s take: We’ve been hearing about supply chain issues since the beginning of 2020 when COVID first struck, but Apple has been largely immune to the effects until now. While some products like the iPhone and iPad had been temporarily hard to find, 3 of the 4 new products from Apple’s March 8 event are still sold out for weeks. Not to mention the crazy delays on new MacBook Pro models that were released in October of last year. But the well-being of the workers who assemble these products must come first, even if it means worse delays than what we’re seeing now.

Download the official M1 iPad Air wallpapers here

The images: Apple’s most powerful iPad Air to date includes some fresh wallpapers that build on top of the initial ribbon marketing images that launched with the last-generation device in 2020.

  • The tube-shaped images are available in five different general shades that correspond to the new iPad Air colors: Blue, Purple, Pink, Space Gray and Starlight
  • Orders for the new iPad Air begin arriving on Friday, March 18, with availability in Apple Stores on the same day

Official wallpapers

2022 iPad Air tidbits: What Apple didn’t tell you

The news: Apple announced a minor update to the iPad Air at their Peek Performance event on March 8. Here are some of the smaller changes the company made.

  • The USB-C port supports up to 2x faster transfer speeds than the previous iPad Air
  • Because the M1 chip powers iPad Air now, there is now 8GB inside…double the previous generation
  • Extended dynamic range for video up to 30 fps is now supported on the front-facing and rear cameras
  • The Wi-Fi only version of the new iPad Air weighs are negligible 0.02 pounds more than last generation
  • One of the flagship features is 5G…but this tablet only supports the slower sub-6 GHz standard (not the ultra-fast mmWave)

Sam’s take: Overall, this is an incredibly small update…unless you consider the M1 chip inside, which you can now get in an iPad for $599. That’ll be pointless for most folks, though, considering that iPadOS continues to be so limited year after year. Aside from that, the faster USB-C port is nice, I guess?

New iPad Air may get M1 chip according to fresh rumor

The rumor: Apple is planning to put the popular M1 processor in the next iPad Air, according to 9to5Mac (82.4% accurate).

The latest report…

  • “Based on information seen by 9to5Mac, iPad Air 5 (codenamed J408) will have the same M1 chip that Apple uses in the 2021 models of the iPad Pro”
  • The new display will be the same resolution as the existing iPad Air (suggesting that the current 10.9-inch size will remain)
  • 5G is definitely coming, too

Sam’s take: I wouldn’t believe this…but Apple has put Mac chips in iPads before. So, sure, if the iPad Air is getting M1, then I guess the new iPad Pro will get a M2 chip?

Exclusive: New green iPhone 13 and purple iPad Air launching at March 8 event

The exclusive: Apple is preparing to launch new color options for iPad Air and iPhone 13, according to people familiar with the matter who spoke with Luke Miani.

  • The people, who asked to remain anonymous, said Apple is bringing a new dark green color to iPhone 13…think somewhere between the Mint iPhone 12 and Midnight Green iPhone 11 Pro
  • A refreshed iPad Air will also launch this week in a new purple color, similar to what is available on the current iPad mini

Luke Miani’s take: This exclusive reporting covers some of the updates we can expect to see tomorrow, and I’m very confident in its accuracy. We can add this information to what others have heard about the refreshed iPad Air already: A15 chip, 5G support and Center Stage are also expected. As for the iPhone 13, don’t expect any updates beside color: this is basically what happened at last year’s Spring Loaded event, when Apple added a new Purple iPhone 12 with no other changes.

This is what’s coming at Apple’s March 8 event (updated)

Extremely likely

iPhone SE

iPad Air

Very Likely

Mac mini

New M2 MacBook Pro 13” (low-end model)

Ian’s Take: I am very excited for this event. At first, it seemed like an event for the new iPhone SE and iPad Air with a small Mac upgrade on the side. Now that we have Mark Gurman confirming the release of 2 new Macs, it is becoming clear to me that this event is about M2 Macs with the iPhone SE and iPad Air being secondary.

iPhone SE 3 & iPad Air reportedly begin production ahead of Spring event

The rumor: 2 new Apple products are in production, according to Macotakara (55.9% accurate).

  • “Production of the iPhone SE (3rd generation) has apparently begun, as has the iPad Air (5th generation)” the report says
  • Apple is rumored to hold their first event of 2022 in either March or April where the new iPhone SE and iPad Air will be unveiled

Our take: Good news from the supply chain that matches up with what other sources have been saying. But will the next event take place in March or April?

New iPhone SE & iPads revealed in Indian import data

The leak: Apple is preparing to release new products soon, according to import data seen by 91mobiles.

Here’s what has reportedly been imported to India for testing…

  • A budget iPhone with a price of around ~$300 (models A2595, A2783 and A2784)
  • A new iPad with a price between $500-700 (models A2588 and A2589)
  • A budget iPad priced at ~$300 (models A2757 and A2761)

Apple is said to hold an event to announce these new products in March or April.

Our take: Even more confirmation that a new iPhone SE and iPad Air are getting ready to launch. Curiously, 91mobiles also cites a new budget iPad, too. Considering that Apple just updated it in September, would we really see a new one this soon? I doubt it.

2022 iPad Air coming in Spring with Center Stage & 5G (rumor)

The rumor: Apple will introduce a new iPad Air within the next few months, according to Macotakara (63.3% accurate).

Here’s the report, “according to reliable sources in China…”

  • Same design as current iPad Air but with an ultra-wide front camera that supports Center Stage
  • Quad-LED True Ton Flash for single-lens rear camera
  • A15 Bionic chip
  • 5G connectivity
  • Release in the Spring alongside the new iPhone SE 3

Our take: Sounds like a modest upgrade after the major redesign we saw in 2020. Not convinced we’ll see it this Spring, however, considering Macotakara’s mixed track record. Waiting to hear this from other sources before I believe it…

Gurman: 3 new iPads coming next year

The rumor: Apple is planning updates to all but one of their iPad models in 2022, according to Mark Gurman (87% accurate, via Power On).

The 2022 lineup, as of now…

Our take: While it sounds like the new $329 iPad and iPad Air updates will be more minor, the biggest iPad Pro update since the flat-edge redesign in 2018 is set to take place next year. This all-glass design sounds stunning, and I can’t believe we will finally be getting wireless charging after all this time.

Next iPad Air update coming in 2022, may have OLED display

The rumor: Apple is planning to put OLED in new iPad models coming next year, according to The Elec (75% accurate).

  • The Elec says a 10.86-inch iPad with an OLED display is coming in 2022…which is the exact size of the current iPad Air
  • Apple will be reportedly transitioning their Pro iPads to OLED in 2023, the following year

Our take: I’m still so skeptical of Apple’s full conversion of iPads to OLED when they just announced Mini-LED on iPad Pro in April of this year. That being said, OLED is the best looking display tech on the market right now…so, maybe?