14-inch iPad Pro rumored to release in early 2023 with Mini-LED + ProMotion

The rumor: Apple’s next iPad Pro will be their biggest yet, according to Ross Young (92.9% accurate).

  • Said to release in early 2023, the new iPad Pro will have a larger 14.1-inch display (up from the current 12.9-inch model)
  • The new screen will be Mini-LED and 120Hz ProMotion, too…sounding almost identical to the display on Apple’s newest MacBook Pro models

Sam’s take: Larger screened iPads sounds great. As large as my 12.9-inch iPad Pro is already, I would be lying if I said I didn’t crave some extra space for watching videos, drawing or looking at photos. Early next year is far sooner than I ever would have imagined a tablet this size dropping, but I have a feeling I’m going to want this new model. Even if iPadOS 16 still isn’t all the way there for replacing my Mac…

Apple Studio Display ‘Pro’ delayed until October due to production issues

The rumor: Apple’s rumored Mini-LED Studio Display won’t be releasing this Summer after all, according to Ross Young (92.9% accurate).

  • A new 27-inch Mini-LED Apple monitor with 120Hz ProMotion is now said to be releasing in October 2022…initially we thought it was coming in June
  • Lockdowns in China due to COVID-19 have reportedly contributed to the delays, and Apple is looking to move production elsewhere to mitigate
  • It’s still somewhat unclear what exactly this monitor will be called, but it essentially sounds like a ‘Pro’ version of Apple’s existing Studio Display

Sam’s take: If this leak was from anyone else other than Young, I would have some major doubts. And even now I still do! Because Apple offering 2 slightly different 27-inch displays is extremely confusing to me. Basically, I’m just hoping that there’s a new 32-inch Pro Display XDR in development with these same specs, and it won’t be replaced with this smaller 27-inch monitor…

Apple planning larger displays for upcoming iPhone 14 models

The rumor: Some of Apple’s next-generation iPhones will see display increases this year, according to Ross Young (92.9% accurate).

  • Apple is planning to increase iPhone 14 Pro from 6.06 to 6.12 inches…and iPhone 14 Pro Max is going up ever so slightly from 6.68 to 6.69 inches diagonally
  • Considering how minor these size increase will be, it’s likely that the phones will still be marketed as 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch class displays, respectively
  • The change in screen size is reportedly happening because of the new pill + hole notch design and slimmer bezels

Sam’s take: No major size changes here, but I love that we’re seeing confirmation from the display expert himself that there is a tangible size benefit to Apple redesigning the front of iPhone 14 Pro. As each day passes, I grow to like the new look more and more.

15-inch MacBook Air may launch in 2023…yes, please!

The rumor: Apple may be working on a big brother to the 13-inch MacBook Air, according to Ross Young (92.9% accurate, via 9to5Mac).

Here are the big takeaways from the Quarterly Advanced IT Display Shipment and Technology Report…

  • Apple is planning a new version of the current MacBook Air with a larger screen between 13 and 14-inches
  • There is also said to be a second MacBook Air with a screen size of around 15-inches in the works, too
  • On an unrelated note, a new $329 iPad with a “slightly larger” display is also in development

Sam’s take: This is the MacBook that I think should replace the base 13-inch MacBook Pro that exists currently. Why do we need a base version of a Pro device when a 15-inch MacBook Air could fill that spot in a much more useful way? I’m really hoping we see this, even though I’m not convinced it will actually happen.

‘Studio Display Pro’ with Mini-LED rumored to release at WWDC 2022

The rumor: Apple could be releasing a higher-end Studio Display as soon as June, according to Ross Young (100% accurate).

Sam’s take: There’s been a lot of speculation since Apple’s Peek Performance event and the discontinuation of the 27-inch iMac: namely, is there going to be another large iMac from Apple anytime soon? This seems to suggest that there won’t be a new iMac anytime soon. Interesting…

Apple investigating 20-inch foldable Mac displays

The rumor: Apple is currently showing interest in a foldable Mac display much larger than any notebook they have created, according to Ross Young (100% accurate).

The report…

  • Apple is said to be in discussions with suppliers on a 20-inch foldable screen to be used in a foldable laptop
  • Young speculates that this device could create a new category for Apple…it could be a dual use product: a laptop with a full size keyboard when folded, and an external monitor when unfolded
  • The purported device could release as early as 2025, with a more reasonable estimate of 2026-2027

Ian’s Take: While this product is many years away, this is exciting. It looks like Apple has been saving their radical ideas for Apple the Apple Silicon transition, and I cannot wait to see what else they come up with.

iPhone Fold delayed until at least 2025

The rumor: Apple has delayed their foldable iPhone to 2025 at the earliest, according to Ross Young (100% accurate).

  • While Ross Young originally said that a foldable iPhone could launch in 2023 at the earliest…he is now changing his prediction to a tentative 2025
  • Young states that Apple “Does not appear to be in a hurry to enter the foldable smartphone market,” and the device could be delayed even longer

Ian’s Take: I never expected Apple to release a foldable device in 2023; it is far too early. There are too many problems with foldable devices, such as reliability, scratch resistance, and of course, the crease. When bringing them to the scale that Apple would, it would be near impossible using current technology.

Revamped iMac Pro to launch in June 2022

The rumor: Apple’s all-new iMac Pro is still a few months away, according to Ross Young (100% accurate).

Our take: Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting this new iMac Pro at Apple’s next event on March 8. But June sounds like a announcement at WWDC…

Redesigned 27-inch iMac pushed until Summer 2022

The rumor: Apple won’t be releasing a new iMac this Spring after all, according to Ross Young (100% accurate).

Our take: Usually when something sounds too goo to be true…it probably is. While this was, absolutely, the thing I was most looking forward to seeing this Spring, we’ll still be getting a new iPhone SE, iPad Air and Mac mini in just a few months.

New iPhone SE may be called ‘SE+ 5G’

The rumor: Apple is going to adopt a new naming structure for the next iPhone SE, according to Ross Young (100% accurate).

  • “SE+ 5G” will be the name of the next iPhone SE that is set to launch in March or April
  • The fourth-generation iPhone SE, coming in 2023/2024, is now said to have a larger 5.7-inch display

Our take: This is an odd rumor. Does “SE+ 5G” remind anyone else of Samsung? I don’t want to believe this, but Young’s track record is still undefeated…

iPhone 14 won’t have Touch ID, according to new rumor

The rumor: Apple isn’t bringing back Touch ID on this year’s iPhone 14 models, according to Ross Young (100% accurate).

Our take: What a day for iPhone 14 rumors. Touch ID returning to iPhone has been a rumor floating around for years now, but it doesn’t seem like Apple has cracked the under-display implementation yet. Until then, I’d be perfectly happy with Touch ID embedded in the power button (as seen on iPad Air and iPad mini), but it doesn’t look like Apple wants to go that route on iPhone for some reason.