Apple improves benefits for all retail workers with slew of positive changes

The rumor: Working at Apple’s retail stores will be better than ever when the new benefits go live on April 4, according to Mark Gurman (85.5% accurate).

The details, via Bloomberg…

  • Double the paid sick days for part and full-timers
  • More vacation days each year, beginning at 3 years of working (was 5 years)
  • Part-timers get up to 6 paid vacation days, plus parental leave for the first time (up to 6 weeks with work time scaling back up for the first 4 weeks back) and “access to discounted emergency backup care for children or elderly family members”

Our take: This is really good. Some workers have been asking for better benefits for months now, and it’s good that Apple is set to deliver these new benefits in early April. Just straight positives across the board.