Apple launches long-awaited Self Service Repair program for the public

The news: You can now buy genuine Apple parts to fix your iPhone yourself, thanks to Apple’s new Self Service Repair program.

Here’s how it works…

  • There are 3 iPhone models currently included in the program: iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and iPhone SE 3 (Macs with Apple Silicon will be added to the repair program later this year)
  • Before ordering any parts, Apple recommends you take a look at the appropriate repair manual to get a sense of the service process (the manuals are incredibly extensive and well-documented)
  • Then you can go to to order all the genuine Apple parts you need…and even rent a hefty toolkit from Apple for $49 that will be shipped to you along with the parts
  • “Every genuine Apple part is designed and engineered for each product, and goes through extensive testing to ensure the highest quality, safety, and reliability. The parts are the same ones — at the same price — as those available to Apple’s network of authorized repair providers. For certain repairs, customers will receive a credit when returning a replaced part for recycling,” Apple says

Sam’s take: I woke up a bit late to see this news, but I’m stoked. We’ve been waiting on this for months but Apple really followed through…and from what I can see they nailed it (no pun intended). Sure, the scope now is limited to only the 3 newest iPhones, but Macs are coming later this year and it’ll also be expanded outside of the US later, too. I’m super satisfied with this initial launch and it seems like the wait was worth it. Now it’s time to see how hard repairing the screen on my iPhone 12 Pro will be…