Apple releases new Black Unity watch band and first-of-its-kind watch face

The news: Apple just dropped their first new Apple Watch band of 2022 to commemorate the start of Black History Month.

  • The new Solo Loop band, which costs $99 dollars and is available to order now, features sprinkles of the vibrant red and green colors of the Pan-African flag and “symbolizes a communal belief in the necessity for a more equitable world”
  • Apple also released an accompanying Unity Lights watch face which is the first ever to include 2D ray tracing, where “each pixel on the screen simulates the light and shadow falling across it and the movement of the clock hands simultaneously reveal and hide the light, changing dynamically throughout the day”

Our take: I really, really dig the minimalism of this band and the meaningfulness behind it. It feels well thought out and intentional. And tech-wise: that new Unity Lights watch face is out-of-this-world cool. It’s really dope that Apple is implementing something genuinely new here as their way to celebrate the start of Black History Month.