Apple releases new special edition AirPods Pro

The news: There’s a new pair of AirPods Pro out now to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

  • The new AirPods Pro, which are only available in China, feature a unique Year of the Tiger engraving on the case and emblem on the packaging
  • And as spotted by website ifanr (via MacRumors), “It is worth mentioning that if you buy a special AirPods Pro Year of the Tiger…users will also get a set of ‘Lunar New Year of the Lunar New Year’ from Apple. This set of red envelopes is printed with the official design of Apple’s twelve zodiac animals, and the shallow Apple Year of the Tiger mark and the words 2022 on the back.”
  • Last year, Apple also released a special edition of AirPods Pro to celebrate the Year of the Ox in China

Our take: These are cool…but I’m surprised that Apple again opted to do a special edition of AirPods Pro…and not the newly announced AirPods 3. But the red envelopes that Apple is giving out this year are new, tapping into a new year tradition in China that goes back centuries.