Apple releases updated Mac Pro…but it doesn’t make any sense

The news: Apple just updated the base-spec Mac Pro, but it just looks silly alongside the much more powerful Mac Studio.

  • Apple has upped the storage to just 512GB (it was a mere 256GB before) and put better Radeon Pro W5500X graphics inside (Mac Pro had Radeon Pro 580X graphics prior)
  • This $5,999 model of the Mac Pro has always been a bad value historically, but these upgrades feel too little, too late
  • Apple also released a new $300 AMD Radeon PRO W6600X GPU option for users that would like to upgrade to faster graphics than the included Radeon Pro W5500X

Sam’s take: Who is this for? Sure, I don’t deny that there is a handful of enterprise customers that are still (probably) buying these Mac Pros up for niche situations or workflows. But to release this new Mac Pro on the same day you release your most powerful Mac ever is an incredibly odd move. The Mac Pro, sold as their most expensive offering with options up to more than $50k, isn’t as powerful as the new $8k Mac Studio…