Apple tightens education discounts with account verification and purchase limits

The news: Getting a student discount on the latest products just got more complicated as Apple has updated their Apple education pricing program with new terms and conditions.

  • You’ll now need to sign in with a UNiDAYS account to enter Apple’s education portal…UNiDAYS is a 3rd-party service that independently verifies your status as a student or educator
  • Apple has also instituted new purchase limits: only 1 desktop, 1 Mac mini, 1 notebook, 2 iPad and 2 accessories with Education Pricing may be purchased per year

Our take: This is a big change for Apple’s education program, considering that prior to this week you could purchase products as a student with no verification whatsoever. Now you’ll need an account and there are limits to the discounted pricing. But I don’t think these changes will hurt anyone other than those who were previously taking advantage of the system. Want similar prices on Apple products without being a student? Just check out Amazon.