Could AirPods 3 release ahead of Apple’s March 23 event?

The speculation: As the announcement of Apple’s March 23 event nears, some are guessing that AirPods 3 may not appear at the event at all.

  • All AirPods releases, except for one, have all happened via press releases: AirPods 2 in early 2019, AirPods Pro in late 2019 and AirPods Max in late 2020
  • The single AirPods release that happened at an Apple event took place in September 2016 when the product was first unveiled to the public

Our take: While I was extremely bullish on AirPods 3 launching at the event next week, I wouldn’t be shocked if they launched through a press release sometime this week. If we would end up seeing them ahead of March 23, I would say Monday or Tuesday are our best guesses. But it’s still entirely possible that these come at the March event, too.