iOS 16 is ‘full of references’ to upcoming AR/VR headset


The rumor: Apple is getting closer to the launch of their AR/VR headset, according to Mark Gurman (86.4% accurate, via Power On).

  • As far as I know, a full-blown introduction of the mixed-reality headset is still probably out of the question in June, but I am told that beta versions of iOS 16—codenamed Sydney—are chock-full of references to the headset and its interactions with the iPhone,” Gurman says
  • The prevalence of these references suggests that Apple will launch the headset sooner rather than later (but no later than Fall 2023)
  • Gurman also suggests that this could be a sign that Apple is planning to preview parts of the headset early, such as rOS, the reality operating system that will run on it

Sam’s take: This is one of those “so close yet so far” situations where I feel like we can almost smell the AR/VR headset…even though it’s still nowhere to be seen. That being said, it feels like we’re just on the heels of an announcement sometime this year.