New emojis approved for 2021, likely coming with iOS 15


The news: 217 new emojis for release in 2021 have just been approved, according to Emojipedia.

  • There are a few new emojis making headlines:
    • Face exhaling
    • Face with spiral eyes
    • Face in clouds
    • Mending heart
    • Heart on fire
Courtesy of Emojipedia
  • There are also more options for bearded people, and a number of new emoji skin tone combinations in the context of relationships
  • Due to delays caused by COVID-19, the 2021 emoji update will be smaller than in years passed

Our take: This is the smallest year-over-year emoji update that I ever remember seeing. Still, the addition of new breathing, swirly eyes and in the clouds emojis certainly reflect life in the past year.