Only iPhone 12 Pro Max may get fastest 5G


The rumor: While all iPhone 12 models will support sub-6Hz 5G, only the iPhone 11 Pro Max will support the faster mmWave standard, according to Fast Company (57.9% accurate).

  • “Only the largest phone in the line has room inside for the special antenna…and larger battery needed” due to more intense mmWave power drain
  • The mmWave iPhone 11 Pro Max will only be available in the United States, Korea and Japan

Our take: The more we hear about this year’s iPhone lineup, the more I feel like there’s no clear vision for what these phones are meant to be. Some are launching before others. Some have good 5G and one has great 5G. All are said to ship with the same notch from 2017 and not include headphones or a charger in the box. Either the rumors are totally off, or Apple’s teams are struggling to innovate at the rates they used to.